Beast Boy 4 Meme And Four Fingers Image Meme Meaning Explained As Viral Trend Takes Over Tiktok

Beast Boy 4 Meme And Four Fingers Image Meme Meaning Explained As Viral Trend Takes Over Tiktok

From Bernie Sanders & his mitten to a ship being stranded in the Suez Canal, 2021 produced some wonderful parodies – and 2022 is already promising to be just as entertaining, know what is the beast boy 4 and four fingers meme

Will Smith’s Chris Rock slap, doorways vs. wheels. And Morbius are just a handful of the fantastic parodies that have gone viral on social this year, with many more to come.

In June, a new meme known as Beast Boy, or “green person carrying up to four fingers,” took over Twitter and TikTok, but what exactly is it? Here’s an explanation of the viral trend.

Beast Boy 4 Meme And Four Fingers Image Meme Meaning Explained As New Viral Trend Takes Over Tiktok


The Beast Youngster meme depicts a green boy actually holding four fingers.

The identity of the youngster in the photo is unknown, and he’s been edited to resemble Beast Boy first from Television series Teen Titans.

Teen Titans is just an American animated heroic program that ran on Cartoon Network from 2003 to 2006. It is modeled on the Superheroes with the same name.

The anime-inspired series follows Robin, once Batman’s sidekick. And his teammates Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy as they dwell in Titans Tower.


This was one of Animation Network’s most popular series, with each of them having distinct skills that they employ to fight against evil and safeguard the Earth.


The Beast Boy meme got widespread in April 2022 after people started adding amusing comments. And gags on the fourth place, as he is holding out four fingers.

As per Knowing Your Memes, the top image was posted on Instagram in October 2021 with the comment “me after I’m asked what 2+2 is,” although he didn’t look like Beast Boy at the time.


It wasn’t until March 2022 that a Person on Twitter modified his image to appear like the Teen Titans avatar.

Ever since, the joke has gone widespread on Twitter, with people adding hilarious captions like this:


In June 2022, the Beast Boy trend has taken over TikTok. And it’s starting to irritate people who can’t get it off themself For You Page.

The public has had enough:


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