BB Jodi Telugu 2023 grand finale title winner, runner-up name and prize money

BB Jodi Telugu 2023 grand finale title winner, runner-up name and prize money

Recently, the dance reality show, BB Jodi got its first winners in the grand finale, know the 2023 winner and runner up name

The trophy for BB Jodi 2023 was won by Bigg Boss 6 contestants Faima Patas and Rj Surya. 

The Telugu-language reality show Bigg Boss Jodi features former Bigg Boss contestants. The maiden edition of Bigg Boss Jodi started on December 25, 2022.

As implied by the show’s name, BB Jodi, celebrities were required to perform in Jodi’s. There were a total of nine jodis who joined the competition.

BB Jodi Telugu 2023 grand finale title winner and runner-up name and prize money

Star Maa, Star Maa HD, and Hotstar streamed the grand finale of BB Jodi 2023 on March 25 and 26. Finalists Jodi Faima Patas and Rj Surya bagged the show’s trophy along with the cash prize of Rs. 25 lakhs to become the first season’s winners of the new concept show.

Telugu Judges and Host for BB Jodi

Together with Radha Nair and Sadaa, the actor, choreographer, and director Tarun Master were the judges. Sreemukhi, a well-known figure in the Telugu TV industry, is the show’s host and presenter.

She previously served as a judge on Aha’s well-known Telugu dancing reality show, Dance Ikon, which premiered on September 6 and ended on November 27, 2022, with Asif being crowned the champion. 

The List Of Bigg Boss Jodi’s Winners

Jodi No. BB Jodi Telugu  Team Status
1 Faima Patas (Bigg Boss 6)


Rj Surya (Bigg Boss 6)

Dhamaka Jodi Winner (25 Lakhs)
2 Ariyana Glory (Bigg Boss 4)

Avinash Kalla (Bigg Boss 4)

Pataka Jodi Runner UP
3 Vasanthi Krishnan (Bigg Boss 6)

Arjun Kalyan (Bigg Boss 6)

Pataka Jodi 2nd Runner Up
4 Sri Satya (Bigg Boss 6)

Mehaboob Shaikh (Bigg Boss 4)

Pataka Jodi 4th Place
5 Rj Kajal (Bigg Boss 5)


Rj Chaitu (Bigg Boss Non-Stop)

Dhamaka Jodi 5th Place
6 Abhinaya Shree (Bigg Boss 6)

Kaushal Manda (Bigg Boss 2)

Dhamaka Jodi Eliminated on 19 Mar 2023
7 Tejaswi Madivada (Bigg Boss 2)

Akhil Sarthak (Bigg Boss 4)

Dhamaka Jodi Eliminated on 19 Mar 2023
8 Bhanu Sree (Bigg Boss 3)


Ravi Krishna (Bigg Boss 3)

Pataka Jodi Eliminated on 19 Feb 2023
9 Inaya Sultana (Bigg Boss 6)

Roll Rida (Bigg Boss 2)

Pataka Jodi Eliminated on 8 Jan 2023

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