Baseball vs Cricket which is harder, better, older, more popular, ball speed and rules difference explained

Baseball vs Cricket which is harder, better, older, more popular, ball speed and rules difference explained

Have a look at which is harder and better in the baseball vs cricket debate

Baseball and cricket are two of the most popular bat-and-ball sports and share several similarities and differences at the same time, check out a brief comparison between the two below.

Notably, the war between the two sets of fans has been a longstanding affair, with cricket fans stating the sport’s worldwide popularity while baseball fans stating its sophisticated approach.

Baseball vs Cricket which is harder, better, older, more popular, ball speed and rules difference 

While the Indian Cricket Team and the British dominate the world of cricket, the USA and Japan generally dominate baseball.

Baseball vs cricket popularity

Most people identify baseball as an American sport and cricket has the upper hand in terms of popularity. Cricket has over 2 billion fans worldwide, while baseball has only 500 million fans. However, both games are still popular worldwide and have produced notable personalities throughout their history. Cricket has produced stars like MS Dhoni, Brian Lara, and Sachin Tendulkar, while baseball has produced legends like Babe Ruth, Mike Trout, Willy Mays, and Ty Cobb.

Overall, cricket is harder to play due to the overall dynamics associated with the game which involve batting, bowling and fielding.

The fastest ball in cricket is 100.22 miles while baseball has seen its quickest throw at 106 miles. Cricket is considered to be the older sport compared to baseball as the origins of cricket can be traced back to 16th-century England.

Cricket vs baseball brief comparison

Given below is a brief comparison of both sports:

Cricket   Baseball
International Cricket Council Governing body World Baseball Softball Confederation
the 16th century Established 18th century in England and the 19th century in the United States
11 Players per team 9
Oval Field shape Triangular

Baseball vs cricket differences

Given below is a set of differences between the two bat-and-ball sports:



A baseball field has a more triangular shape as compared to the cricket field’s generally oval-shaped shape. In cricket, the wicket is placed near the centre of the field, where most of the action takes place. Meanwhile, in baseball, the home plate is placed on the apex of the triangular field, and it is generally bigger than the baseball pitch.

Baseball vs cricket balls

A Baseball is generally larger than a cherry (cricket ball). While a baseball roughly measures between 9 and 9.25 inches, the cherry is smaller and measures around 9 inches. However, a Baseball is usually lighter than a cherry, weighing around 5 to 5.25 ounces, while a cherry weighs around 5.75 ounces. Cherries are generally harder than baseball balls. A baseball is made of cork or rubber, while the cricket ball is made of cork string and covered with red leather. A cherry is harder and has an unpredictable bounce

Cricket bat vs Baseball bat

Cricket bats are flat, while baseball bats are round in shape. Moreover, cricketers hold the bat down, while baseball players hold it up.



A cricket pitch refers to a space between two wickets, while in baseball it refers to a certain ball that a pitcher makes.


Cricket has three different formats: tests, one-day, and twenty-twenty, while baseball has just one format with 9 innings.



A cricket team has 11 outfield players, while baseball has 9.


In cricket, players register a score for running through the whole length of the wicket or for hitting the ball past the boundary rope. Meanwhile, in baseball, players score points for making a run around the bases or for hitting the ball beyond the designated field.

Baseball vs cricket similarities

Given below are some similarities between the two sports:

  • Both sports involve a bat and a ball
  • Scores are called runs in both sports
  • Both sports are played in the summer
  • Both sports have large outfields with a sort of boundary rope around it
  • The balls for both sports are made from cork core

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