Bali Yatra Cuttack Odisha 2023 start and end date, schedule, program list, location, tickets

Bali Yatra Cuttack Odisha 2023 start and end date, schedule, program list, location, tickets

Cuttack, the Millennium city, is gearing up for one of Asia’s largest open-air annual trade fairs, Bali Yatra on the banks of the Mahanadi River with the 2023 schedule, date and program list out

The renowned Bali Yatra 2023, a well-known maritime trade fair, commenced in Cuttack, the silver city of Odisha, on Monday.

Bali Yatra Cuttack Odisha 2023 start and end date, schedule, program list, tickets and location

Starting Date 

Spanning from November 27th to December 4th, this extensive trade fair will run for eight days. Finance Minister Bikram Keshari Arukha graced the historic Bali Yatra 2023 as the Chief Guest and officially opened the fair.

With over 1200 stalls this year, an additional 420 stalls have been designated by ORMAS for Self Help Groups and Mission Shakti members.


Bali Jatra Utsav, which is all set to start from November 27, will witness folk dances, traditional music performances, and other cultural events, adding a festive and entertaining element to the celebration, on Ganakabi Baishnab Pani Mancha, Akshaya Mohanty Mancha, and Patha-Utsav and Ganakabi Baishnab Pani Mancha will also host Bollywood nights with Sachin-Jigar, and the Dragon Dance Group on December 2 and with noted music director Anu Malik on December 3.

The 8-day event will also have performances by singers Abhijeet Majumdar and T Souri, comedian Papu Pom Pom, actresses Shibani Sangeeta and Supriya Nayak and the Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC) in association with Katak Artist Organisation (KAO) will also organise a national-level art festival, where artists from Odisha, Delhi, Bengaluru, Assam, Uttar Pradesh will participate and showcase their creativity through canvas paintings.

According to sources, a 35-ft high and 100-ft wide sand sculpture of a boat is also being created by noted artist Sudam Pradhan using over 300 tonnes of sand at the festival ground and a Sea Tunnel Aquarium with 360 degree views of exotic marine life and an art exhibition in ‘Cuttack-In-Cuttack’ pavilion for entertainment of the revellers are some other special attractions at the fair, which will continue till December 4.

The Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC) is also spending Rs 1.81 crore on a digital exhibition in an air-conditioned hangar sprawling over 20,000 sq feet and another Rs 27,73,000 on green fireworks of 20 minutes duration twice during the weekends and two welcome arches are being erected at a cost of Rs 32 lakh on NH 16 and near Netaji Subhas Bose Setu and R 4 lakh on roadside beautification.

A laser show is also being planned at the fair ground and aound 1,900 stalls of various products ranging from handicraft to household goods will be set up this year.

Travellers can make their bookings on the spot, while traders can book stalls in advance for the event.


This edition of Baliyatra in Cuttack will feature performances by Bollywood celebrities such as Sachin Jigar and Anu Malik. Visitors can also experience the rural charm of Cuttack at the Cuttack Pavilion.

From the first day, Bali Yatra has attracted a sizable crowd. The administration has implemented various measures to ensure a delightful experience for visitors.


Sand Art

A notable addition to Baliyatra this year is the inclusion of sand arts, blending light and sand.

A massive sand art, measuring 35 feet in height and over a hundred feet in length, has been erected at the Cuttack Pavilion, adorned with colorful lights that enhance its attractiveness in the evening.

To facilitate the smooth execution of Bali Yatra along the Mahanadi River, the Commissionerate Police in Odisha’s Cuttack city has imposed traffic restrictions.

These restrictions, effective from 2 pm, aim to enhance convenience and maintain uninterrupted traffic flow during the week-long trade fair.

Bali Yatra, a celebration of cultural heritage and maritime legacy, features a 35-ft high and 100-ft wide sand sculpture of a boat illuminated with colorful lights. The festival ground will also showcase models of thatched houses, temples, Meena Bazaar, and various types of swings, offering visitors a unique experience.

The sand boat sculpture, crafted by sand artist Sudam Pradhan and 10 other artists using over 300 tonnes of sand, is a central attraction. The festival coincides with an eight-day open sky trade fair, expected to draw a substantial crowd.

Traffic Restrictions Exemption

The public Is urged to plan their routes accordingly, with exemptions for Police, Fire Brigade, Excise, Ambulance, and other emergency vehicles.

Violation of these restrictions is considered an offence, punishable under the Odisha Urban Police Act-2003, with fines ranging from Rs-500/- to Rs-1,000/- per offence.


Cuttack DCP Pinak Mishra revealed plans for extensive security measures, deploying 55 to 60 platoons of police, 26 aid posts, and five watch towers throughout the festival.

Due to the anticipated large turnout, attendees are advised not to bring children and elderly individuals. For those bringing children, providing a contact number in their pockets is recommended for ease of identification and assistance.

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