Australian influencers Shepmates post video of George Russell inside the toilet on TikTok

Australian influencers Shepmates post video of George Russell inside the toilet on TikTok

We examine the identity of the Australian social media influencers Shepmates, who apologized after invading George Russell’s privacy with their latest video of him in the toilet

After receiving backlash for their behavior towards a prominent F1 driver during the recent Australian Grand Prix weekend, Shepmates, Australian creators of social media content, issued an apology. They had uploaded a video on TikTok, since taken down, showing one of the Shepmates, either Archie or Miles Shepherd, with Mercedes driver George Russell in a restroom at Melbourne’s Albert Park.

Australian influencers Shepmates post video of George Russell using the toilet urinal on TikTok

Aussie influencers delete ‘rephrensible’ urinal video of George Russell
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Shepmates, boasting a substantial following on Instagram and TikTok, released a statement expressing remorse and offering apologies for the video. They stressed their intention to honor sports personalities and provide entertainment to fans but acknowledged the lapse in judgment. Shepmates boast a following of 291,000 on Instagram and 476,000 on TikTok.


Who are the Shepmates?

During the video, a member of the Shepmates pair discussed a personal encounter with George Russell, making unsuitable remarks regarding the incident. The video stirred controversy due to its intrusion into Russell’s privacy. Shepmates, recognized for their lip-sync renditions of notable sports commentary, attended the Australian Grand Prix on Friday as delegates of the race broadcaster Paramount Plus.


They collaborated with Sky Sports commentator David Croft and generated promotional content. However, the video featuring George Russell received widespread condemnation on social media, with many labeling it as disrespectful and invasive. Radio host Shane McInnes criticized Shepmates for their actions and called for repercussions.

How did George Russell perform at the Australian GP 2024?

The Australian Grand Prix, an eagerly awaited event, not only draws crowds but also attracts advertisers and social media influencers. Before the final lap of Sunday’s race, Russell was poised to secure a position within the top 10 until he lost control of his vehicle, resulting in a spin and subsequent crash.


Following the early stages of the race, Max Verstappen’s car emitted smoke, forcing him out of contention. Consequently, Carlos Sainz emerged victorious, with Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris securing second and third place respectively.


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