Ashish Kumar Boxer Biography, Family, Net Worth, Boxing Career, Achievements

Ashish Kumar Boxer Biography, Family, Net Worth, Boxing Career, Achievements

Ashish Kumar, a talented young Indian boxer might have faltered at the Tokyo Olympics but he’s impressed with his world ranking, net worth and boxing career

Ashish Kumar, a talented young Indian boxer is out of the Olympics boxing race after losing in an opening bout, he went down 0-5 in the first bout.

Indian Boxer, Ashish Kumar is out of the Olympic medal race now. Ashish Chaudhary is a boxer of Indian origin from the 75 kg category who recently suffered an opening-round loss in the Summer Games.

Ashish Kumar Boxer Biography, Family, Parents

Ashish Kumar’s father’s name is Bhagat Ram Dogra, who was a national-level Kabaddi player. His father passed away in February 2020 because of prolonged illness. Ashish’s mother is a housewife. Ashish has three brothers, he has a sister too.

Ashish Kumar Boxing Career

Ashish Kumar kickstarted his boxing career in 200s9 and won a gold medal by winning the match. Later, he participated in School Nationals and won a bronze medal. In the year 2012, he participated in Youth Nationals and Senior Nationals also. In the year 2015, Ashish took part in the 35th National Games, held in Kerala and won a gold medal there.

Ashish Kumar made his international debut in the year 2018 by participating in the India Open International Boxing Championship. He stepped into the quarterfinals of the event and later he participated in President’s Cup also.

In the year 2019 Ashish took part in the International Boxing Tournament in Stranja, Bulgaria and he failed there but in the same year Ashish won a gold medal in the middleweight category at the Thailand Open match. Afterward, he won silver in the Asian Boxing Championship held in the year 2019.

Ashish then went on to take part in the World Boxing Championship in 2019. But, he lost the match of 75kg Middleweight group held in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Unfortunately, Ashish Kumar’s father passed away a month before Kumar played at the 2020 Olympic Qualification Tournament in Amman, Jordan, then he went on to reach the semifinals of the event.


Ashish Kumar Awards And Achievements

But blessings of his father were with him and in the same year, Ashish won the Big Bout League. In the year 2021, he is appointed as a Tehsil Welfare Officer with the Himachal Pradesh Government. He has been awarded many medals and he has a huge list of achievements.

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Ashish Kumar Achievements, Record, World Ranking

He got a Silver medal in the Asian Championships in Bangkok in the year 2019. Ashish played in the Indian Open and won a Silver medal in the same year 2019. He was awarded a Gold medal in Thailand Open Kings Cup International Boxing Tournament in the year 2019.


Ashish Kumar Net worth

His net worth is presently somewhere between 4 to 6 crore.

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