Are Jordan Hawkins and Angel Reese cousins, relation, family and parents

Are Jordan Hawkins and Angel Reese cousins, relation, family and parents

Are Jordan Hawkins and Angel Reese connected to one another, know about their relationship, parents, family, and more of the UConn star before the NCAA title game

The NCAA title game will feature the No. 5 San Diego State Aztecs versus the No. 4 UConn Huskies.

The Huskies are competing in their first national championship game since their triumph in 2014 and are the pregame favourites.

Are Jordan Hawkins and Angel Reese cousins, relation, family, parents

Jordan Hawkins is undoubtedly the biggest player for UConn, despite having a large roster.

The 20-year-old scored 13 points for the Huskies against Miami in the Elite Eight as part of his incredible March Madness shooting performance.

The 6’5″ sophomore guard, who has over 20 points in 15 different games this season, could be dubbed the NCAA Men’s Tournament Most Outstanding Player if he plays well and UConn prevails.

Are Jordan Hawkins and Angel Reese cousins?

Angel Reese became one of the greatest stars of this year’s March Madness. Reese and the LSU Tigers defeated the Iowa Hawkeyes on Sunday in the women’s national title game.

Along with Caitlin Clark, Reese has gained notoriety and served as the face of women’s college basketball for the past month.


Amazingly, relatives Angel Reese and Jordan Hawkins have a connection and yes, they are cousins.

They both grew up in the DMV area, so they frequently played basketball together as youngsters in the park. (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia).

The pair FaceTimed each other and sent each other good success wishes during the NCAA Tournament this year.

Hawkins also shared a Reese’s-related Instagram photo.


Who are Jordan Hawkins parents?

Jordan and Angel are cousins because Michael Reese’s sister is Jordan’s mother.

Alexis, Chynna, and Paris Hawkins are Jordan Hawkins’ sisters, and his parents are Jasmine and Craig Hawkins. He is the only son of the four children.


Jordan and his father Craig have a close relationship, and Craig has had a significant impact on Jordan’s basketball accomplishments.

Hawkins began playing the game in Gaithersburg, Maryland, where he was born and raised.

His parents helped him accomplish his goal of dominating college basketball. In an interview with The Day, his father described how Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan served as role models for him as a child.