Are Endrick and his father really a fan of Barcelona as Brazilian joins Real Madrid

Are Endrick and his father really a fan of Barcelona as Brazilian joins Real Madrid

The recent addition to Real Madrid, the young talent Endrick, has been generating buzz since his remarkable transition to the La Liga side with many claiming he’s really a Barcelona fan

The 17-year-old boasts an impressive track record in the youth ranks of the Brazilian club Palmeiras and has recently made his debut for the Brazilian national team.

Are Endrick and his father really a fan of Barcelona as Brazilian player joins Real Madrid

Initial speculations surrounding Endrick and his father Douglas de Sousa Silva Ramos being supporters of Real Madrid’s arch-rival, FC Barcelona, had circulated. However, recent statements from the teenage prodigy seem to refute such claims.

Endrick’s Statement

In a post shared by ‘Barca Universal’ on their ‘X’ account, Endrick declared, “My lifelong dream has been to play for Real Madrid since I was a child.”

He went on to explain, “because my dad was always a fan, and so was I.” This suggests a longstanding desire to represent Real Madrid dating back to his childhood.


The potential confusion arising from viral images of Barcelona players in the background of Endrick (as seen in the ‘X’ post) may be clarified by the context provided by ‘X.’

The post suggests that the young player had previously expressed his aspirations to win both the CONMEBOL Libertadores and the UEFA Champions League with Real Madrid.

The backdrop featuring Barcelona players was reportedly set up by a newspaper outlet during their interview with the Brazilian forward. This clarification aims to dispel any unfounded rumors about Endrick and his father being Barcelona enthusiasts.


The striker from Serie A’s Palmeiras is set to join Real Madrid in the summer of 2024. Following the conclusion of the current season with the Brazilian club, he will embark on his soccer career in Madrid.

The agreement between Los Blancos and the Serie A club is nearly finalized for the player.

Endrick’s Debut on Hold

However, the anticipated debut of Endrick for Real Madrid is temporarily on hold due to certain FIFA regulations. The player must wait until his 18th birthday to become eligible for an international transfer and subsequently play for the La Liga club.


According to transfer expert Fabrizio Romano, Real Madrid is expected to secure the services of the promising forward from the Serie A club for approximately $65.8 million.

The question remains whether Endrick can replicate the same success he enjoyed with Palmeiras in his new venture with Real Madrid.

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