Are Brittney Griner and Kevin Durant dating as kiss video goes viral on Twitter

Are Brittney Griner and Kevin Durant dating as kiss video goes viral on Twitter

Amidst the bustling world of NBA, a video clip has resurfaced on Twitter that showcases Phoenix’s basketball stars, Brittney Griner and Kevin Durant, sharing a kiss

Fans are abuzz, speculating on the nature of the relationship between these two prominent players.

Are Brittney Griner and Kevin Durant dating as kiss video goes viral on Twitter and Reddit

The clip in question comes from Kevin Durant’s live broadcast during the 2020 Olympics opening ceremony in Tokyo. Brittney Griner, in a playful moment, surprised KD with a kiss, catching him slightly off-guard. With the video making rounds again, fans and followers are curious, questioning if there’s more to the story.

It should be noted that this isn’t the first time the duo has garnered attention. Speculations first sprouted in March, following their heartwarming meet-up after Brittney Griner’s return from a Russian prison in December.


Long time acquaintances, but not lovers

While the spontaneous interactions between Brittney Griner and Durant might have sparked talks of a romantic relationship, the truth lies far from it. The two basketball prodigies have known each other for a significant amount of time, having been a part of the U.S. Olympic team during both 2016 and 2020. Although they played for different teams, their paths crossed as members of the same U.S. delegation.

A glimpse at some fan reactions reveals a mix of excitement and clarification:


“I knew there was something between BG and KD!”
“Relax, people! They’re just friends!”

Contrary to the brewing speculations, Brittney Griner has been married to Cherelle since 2019, a relationship that has been in the public eye for quite some time. Durant, on the other hand, prefers keeping his romantic life under wraps.

The phoenix connection

Both Griner and Durant have solidified their positions in Phoenix’s basketball scene. While Durant joined the Phoenix Suns just last season, Griner has been showcasing her skills with the Mercury WNBA team. Their shared space in Phoenix and the recent interactions have only added fuel to the relationship rumor mill.


In conclusion, while the relationship between Brittney Griner and Kevin Durant may be platonic, their mutual respect and camaraderie are evident. The resurfaced video clip, though intriguing, serves as a testament to their long-standing friendship and shared experiences on the international basketball stage.

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