Arda Guler celebration meaning explained and who is his idol

Arda Guler celebration meaning explained and who is his idol

Let’s dive into the details of Arda Guler’s celebration meaning as pictures of him celebrating after becoming the youngest player to score at the Euros debut have flooded social media platform X/Twitter

For the unfamiliar, the 19-year-old Real Madrid midfielder marked his first goal at the European Championships with a spectacular long-range strike earlier while playing against Georgia.

After his long-range goal, Guler has made a historic record of becoming the youngest player to score during Euro match. Previously, the record was held by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Turkey’s Arda Guler celebration meaning explained and who is his idol

After witnessing his awe-inspiring goal and attaining this historical record, fans have flooded X/Twitter with congratulatory messages as they are celebrating with the Turkish player. So, let’s find out his celebration meaning as images goes viral.

Arda Guler Celebration Meaning 

The attacking midfielder typically celebrates his goals by placing his right hand on his heart and raising the index finger of his left hand. Antonio Rudiger, a practicing Muslim, also frequently uses this gesture.

“It’s about faith. I trust that everything is from Allah,” Arda Guler previously shared with the media.

Arda Guler had named Cristiano Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, Mesut Ozil and Guti as his idols


Notably, Arda Guler mentioned Rudiger and Brahim as players he spends most of his time with. Notably, both players are Muslims who observed fasting during Ramadan.

Guler’s Performance During Euro 2024

During the exciting Euro 2024 Group Stage match, Turkey emerged 3-1 victorious over Georgia, thanks to the amazing performance by Real Madrid’s star Arda Guler.

Marking his debut in the major international tournament, Guler showed his prowess as to why he is touted as one of Europe’s brightest talents.

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While operating strategically in midfield, Guler orchestrated Turkey’s attacks from the right and central areas, becoming a constant menace to Georgia’s defense.


His best moment came when he scored a long-ranged goal in 65th minute leaving fans and football enthusiasts stunned.

Guler’s dominance extended beyond scoring, with four key passes and top defensive contributions, solidifying his midfield maestro status.

Social Media User’s Reaction

As aforesaid, netizens are currently busy hailing the young professional footballer as they are sharing the videos and photos of Guler on X/Twitter after witnessing the group stage match.

One such user took to X and wrote, “Arda Guler basically recreated his first ever goal for Turkey on the biggest stage.”


Another one added, “Every time Arda got the ball I was screaming to shoot because of this goal.”

A third one penned, “Same jersey, same angle, same foot, same curve, same mentality, one guy @arderguler.” A fourth one joined, “This dude is talented.”

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