America Williams mother slap video goes viral on Twitter and Reddit and what is her story

America Williams mother slap video goes viral on Twitter and Reddit and what is her story

In recent online discussions, there’s been a buzz about an urban legend involving an individual known as America Williams with her video viral on Reddit

This legend revolves around a viral video featuring a girl who slapped an older woman. Numerous Twitter users and various articles assert that the girl in the video was allegedly shot 15 times as retribution for her actions towards the woman, who is said to be someone’s mother.

America Williams mother slap video goes viral on Twitter and Reddit and what is her shooting story

The internet often serves as a platform for peculiar phenomena, including rumors, speculations, and conspiracy theories. One of the more recent ones involves a figure by the name of “America Williams.”

According to online users, this name is associated with the young girl seen in a viral video that made its rounds a few years ago. In this disturbing video, the young person is captured slapping an older woman, and some outlandish theories suggest that the individual received a severe punishment in the form of being shot 15 times for her actions against the older woman.

The widely discussed video features a young individual attired in beige pants and a black hoodie, standing outside an apartment door. On the opposite side of the door stands an older woman.

At the video’s outset, the young person gazes at the camera and remarks, “Isn’t this your mother,” then proceeds to deliver a forceful slap to the older woman’s face, striking her with considerable intensity.


The older woman, visibly stunned, exclaims, “Are you serious?” In response, the young person asserts, “Quit fooling around with me,” and administers another slap, followed by a harsh declaration, “Quit messing with me,” before delivering a third slap. It appears that the individual is creating this video as a form of retaliation against someone.

Another person is holding the phone upright to record the incident. This video has deeply unsettled internet users, sparking outrage upon its initial appearance online. Many individuals expressed their anger on platforms like Twitter and Reddit, condemning the individual responsible for slapping the older woman in the footage.


Numerous internet users appear to believe that the individual featured in the video is a young person named America Williams. The manner in which so many individuals on various platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and even TikTok have arrived at this conclusion remains unclear.

Furthermore, numerous theories and rumors related to this incident have emerged online. The most widely circulated theory asserts that the “girl” seen in the video, presumably America Williams, was allegedly shot 15 times and subsequently succumbed to her injuries months after the altercation.

Another prevalent theory regarding the video suggests that it revolves around a conflict between two young women associated with rival gangs. This theory also posits that the person administering the slap was fatally attacked within 24 hours.


A third theory proposes that the “girl” in the video was engaged in a physical confrontation with her ex-boyfriend’s mother, who had allegedly cheated on her. According to this theory, the young woman was tragically shot and killed in her apartment just three days later.

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