AFCON 2022 Sadio Mane Head Injury Update, Return Date, Concussion Status, Report, News, Video

AFCON 2022 Sadio Mane Head Injury Update, Return Date, Concussion Status, Report, News, Video

Liverpool star and Senegal captain Sadio Mane has been hospitalized after the forward suffered a head injury during Senegal’s clash against Cape Verde, know his update

Even though the man led his nation to a victory in the Round of 16 clash against Cape Verde, Sadio Mane was substituted in the 70th minute of the game after he picked up a head injury which came after a clash of heads with the opposite side’s goalie Vozinha.

The abrasion was sustained while contending for a high ball and Mane was replaced by Bamba Dieng with 20 minutes remaining for the game to come to a stop. Dieng had a role to play in Senegal’s victory as he too found the back of the net in extra time.

Here’s all you need to know about Mane’s injury, current situation/update, injury history, possible return and more:

AFCON 2022 Sadio Mane Head Injury Update, History, Return Date, Report, Concussion Status, Video

After the clash of heads with Vozinha, Mane was allowed to go on and continue to play, even though the impact of the collision was quite harsh. What has baffled many is the fact that how was the 29-year old permitted to play the game as if nothing had happened. Well that’s another thing that the Liverpool star still managed to find the back of the net only six minutes later, providing Senegal with the lead.


Not long after his goal, Mane went down holding his head once more, ultimately convincing the authorities that the 29-year old needed some attending at the hospital.

Here’s what head coach Cisse had to say about Mane’s situation after the conclusion of the game, “Sadio had a big shock with the goalkeeper and I haven’t heard from him yet, he was dizzy and he is currently in the hospital”.

The player has recently posted a picture of him and Vozinha on social media with the captions, “Senegal vs Cape Verde on the pitch, in the hospital. Everything is fine, thank you for all the messages.”

That’s surely a message that will calm the Senegalese fans now. What remains to be seen is whether Mane will participate in Senegal’s quarter-final fixture in the African Cup of Nations now. Well since he has revealed that all is well, we should expect him to be part of the action, unless the doctors are of the opposite viewpoint.


Sadio Mane Injury History

Season Injury from until Days Games missed
20/21 Knock Jan 30, 2021 Feb 6, 2021 7 days 2
20/21 Corona virus Oct 2, 2020 Oct 16, 2020 14 days 1
19/20 Hamstring Injury Jan 26, 2020 Feb 11, 2020 16 days 4
19/20 Muscle Injury Jan 24, 2020 Feb 14, 2020 21 days 4
19/20 Thigh Muscle Strain Sep 23, 2019 Sep 27, 2019 4 days 1
18/19 Hand Injury Apr 11, 2019 Apr 13, 2019 2 days
18/19 Foot Injury Dec 3, 2018 Dec 7, 2018 4 days 1
18/19 Fractured Finger Oct 15, 2018 Oct 24, 2018 9 days 2
17/18 Hamstring Injury Oct 9, 2017 Nov 2, 2017 24 days 5
16/17 Knee Injury Apr 3, 2017 Jun 29, 2017 87 days 8
16/17 Shoulder Injury Aug 15, 2016 Aug 22, 2016 7 days 1
14/15 Calf Problems Jan 1, 2015 Jan 19, 2015 18 days 5
12/13 Ill Feb 21, 2013 Feb 28, 2013 7 days 1

Liverpool Injured Players List

  1. Harvey Elliott (Right-winger): Fracture-dislocation of the ankle

Missed matches: 31

  1. Nathaniel Phillips (Centre-back): Cheekbone Fracture

Missed matches: 13

  1. Divock Origi (Centre-Forward): Muscular Problems

Missed matches: 11

  1. Thiago Alcantara (Central-Midfield): Hip injury

Missed matches: 7

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