AEW Fight Forever battle pass details and Stadium Stampede royale details

AEW Fight Forever battle pass details and Stadium Stampede royale details

We examine whether AEW Fight Forever will be made available on the Xbox Game Pass, as we approach the release date of 29th June along with the battle pass details

To appeal the wrestling enthusiasts, wrestling sports video game AEW Fight Forever was created by Yuke’s and released by THQ Nordic. It is confirmed that the All Elite Wrestling will release the game as its first title for home consoles and personal computers. It is slated for release on June 29, 2023 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows, & Nintendo Switch.

AEW Fight Forever battle pass details and Stadium Stampede royale details leaks

It seems that AEW Fight Forever is set for a wacky 30-man battle royale mode featuring closing circles, horses, golf carts, and a whole lot more madness, according to leaks.

It was previously reported that Stadium Stampede would be included at the game’s launch with details out now.

“A battle-royale mode pitting together up to 30 players at once! Fight within a massive stadium and aim to be the last wrestler standing!” This confirms the basis of the mode and the idea that it will take place in the classic Stadium Stampede environment seen at the 2020 and 2021 AEW Double or Nothing 2020 PPVs.


Oher points to note are that it will also feature loadouts, abilities, and heat levels. Not only that, but vehicles too: “The golf cart and horse are among the strongest weapon types.” Adam “Hangman” Page is famous for his cowboy gimmick and has ridden a horse during AEW events, so this is no surprise.

Normal 1v1 (intergender possible)
Lights Out Match
Falls Count Anywhere
Ladder Match
Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match
Tag Team
Triple Threat
Fatal 4 Way
Casino Battle Royale (solo & groups)

A battle pass system is coming to the AEW Fight Forever video game for Stadium Stampede and it will reportedly have a free and premium track for unlocking cosmetics and other rewards.


Will AEW Fight Forever be available through Xbox Game Pass?

Know the release date & gameplay of AEW Fight Forever

AEW: Fight Forever is the first video game that All Elite Wrestling has formally licenced, and it was created by renowned wrestling game company Yuke’s. Through it’s immersive gameplay, the videogame will offer wrestling fans their first opportunity to perform wrestling maneuvers only seen on the immensely popular AEW television. Notably, AEW: Fight Forever is renowned for the throwback approach to design, which includes hand-crafted animations including classic arcade atmosphere. According to the most recent information, this game will debut on June 29th, and there has been some interest in what kind of gameplay and features it will include.

How can players enjoy AEW Fight Forever?

However, the community is interested in more than just the gaming and quality-of-life elements of the game. Many people are also speculating as to whether the game will be released on Xbox Game Pass from the start or whether it will eventually aim for Microsoft’s subscription model. Despite widespread expectations, it’s possible that AEW Fight Forever won’t ever appear on Xbox and PC Game Pass, at least not until the game’s initial few months have passed.

For now, the game will be launched for players using devices like PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, & Nintendo Switch. To purchase the game, interested fans will have to spend approximately £49.99 for the standard edition. Those who wish to obtain it must do so through the relevant game stores for their respective game devices. Through Steam and other shops, cross-platform multiplayer is available for PC users, but it’s more difficult for console users.


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