AEW Console Game: Release Date, Roster, Gameplay, Modes And All You Need To Know

AEW Console Game: Release Date, Roster, Gameplay, Modes And All You Need To Know

AEW is going to release their own video game, know the details of the console game and its release date here

All Elite Wrestling, also known as AEW is all set to launch a simulation video game. Moreover, they announced it in November 2020 and teased their fans with a 70-second clip in 2021. Moreover, the game is still in the early stages and is developed by Yuke.\

Yuke is one of the famous video games developers who launched games like WWE and UFA in the past. Yuke has launched more than 20 video games based on WWE and most of them were super hit.

Now, Yuke has taken the responsibility to develop the AEW’s first video game. So, here are all the details about the AEW video game including its roster and release date.


AEW Console Game, Gameplay, Roster, Modes And Release Date

All Elite Wrestling is the second-best wrestling game based on entertainment purposes after WWE. Moreover, the game kicked off in 2019 and has been a hit as of now. The developers teased with a video in November 2020 where Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho were smashing each other’s faces.

Earlier, a mobile video game was launched by AEW named AEW casino. But it was totally different video game based on casinos and gambling. Furthermore, this time the developers are going to launch console platforms like PS4, PS5, and Xbox.


Release Date and Roster

Brodie Lee (Luke Harper), Dean Ambrose, Jake Hager (Jack Swagger), ditto Miro (known in WWE as Rusev), Pac (Neville), Matt Hardy, and Cody Rhodes are some famous names which are going to feature in this new game. Brodie Lee died last year at the age of 41 due to illness. To keep his legacy alive, AEW will be adding him too in the game. Also, AEW will be awarding Brodie Jr the red TNT Championship belt who is the son of Lee.

The game is expected to release in the first quarter of 2022. However, the title and release date of the game is still not confirmed. WWE2K22 is going to release in the month of March 2022, so the dates might extend to avoid a delay to avoid a clash with the best wrestling simulation game.


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