Adin Ross NBA 2K24 clan Huncho tryouts details and players salary

Adin Ross NBA 2K24 clan Huncho tryouts details and players salary

As Adin Ross introduces the NBA 2K24 clan and reveals the salary and other benefits of the players, here is all you need to know 

Hip-hop and rap music are frequently connected with the style of pendant known as a “huncho.” These chains are encrusted with diamonds, which are symbolic of the best player in each game.

Adin Ross NBA 2K24 clan Huncho tryouts details and players salary list

Adin Ross provided information to his viewers during a recent livestream regarding the NBA 2K24 clan and the incentives he plans to give to the participants.

Adin Ross has gained notoriety for regularly updating the NBA 2K24 competition, which mostly features 2K creaters, for those who are unfamiliar. Ross may even be the one to host the gaming competition, according to rumours.

How much money did Adin Ross promise to give the gamers?

Adin Ross was motivated to establish an alluring NBA 2K24 clan. During the livestream, he engaged in a lively conversation with his viewers and revealed his plans to organise an NBA 2K24 clan, replete with a $25,000 reward and a custom “Huncho pendant.”


Additionally, Adin Ross called the game “Huncho Tryouts,” making it clear that Huncho chains will undoubtedly be awarded as rewards. He also listed the gaming platforms that the competition would use. Adin Ross wrote on social media:

“I am making a NBA 2K24 clan,Cross-platform, XBOX and Playstation. It’s called Huncho. Tryouts will be on the first day. If you make the tryouts, you will be receiving a Huncho chain, and $25,000.”

Each member of the clan that Adin Ross is creating for NBA 2K24 will receive $25,000 and an iced out chain.


Adin Ross receives criticism from the public

Many of Adin Ross’ admirers were astounded by the deals he promised during his livestream footage on X, formerly known as Twitter, and they immediately began to share their opinions.

A fan stated: He says that shut every year haha he will play for a few days and never play again.” Another one stated: Get ready for another lie.” The third fan wrote, “The iced out chain is so cap no way he gonna waste like 200k on everyone.”


Another one said: Somehow nun of this is gonna happen lmao.” One wrote, “He has too much money he doesn’t know what to do with it.”