Adidas x New Zealand Rugby All Blacks world cup 2023 jersey price, design, where to buy

Adidas x New Zealand Rugby All Blacks world cup 2023 jersey price, design, where to buy

As the New Zealand Rugby team partners with Adidas, have a look at where to buy the All Blacks world cup 2023 kit and how much will the jersey cost 

For the upcoming World Cup 2023, the All Blacks team will wear a technologically advanced yet stylishly classic jersey that Adidas has created in collaboration with the New Zealand Rugby team and the French fashion designer Fey The Wolf.

Adidas x New Zealand Rugby All Blacks world cup 2023 jersey price, design and where to buy

The fantastic trio collaborated to produce a black-colored jersey that, with its ingenuity, satisfies the requirements of the international game. To give the jersey a new interpretation that is both iconic and distinctive, the French designer Fey The Wolf applied his trademark inventive use of black to it.

On June 28, 2023, the collaborative World Cup 2023 kit was released on the Adidas official e-commerce site and a few merchants and is presently available online. On July 1, 2023, a replica jersey and lifestyle collection will be made available in addition to the real gear.

The recently unveiled Adidas x New Zealand Rugby All Black world cup 2023 uniform includes signature print of Fey The Wolf

Modern technological advancements can be found in the most current product innovation made possible by the collaboration between Adidas and the New Zealand Rugby team. The design of the shirt incorporated the ideas and opinions of the All Blacks team.

The jersey has a special ergonomic side panel on the abdomen for a close, three-dimensional fit. Fey The Wolf, a street style designer based in Paris who is well recognised for using the colour black creatively to create distinctive patterns, added the characteristic print.


The All Black players and designers collaborated closely to produce a uniform that honours the significance of the New Zealand silver fern. Because it has cultural significance and has come to represent resiliency, power, and strength, the silver fern is greatly valued by both New Zealanders and the Maori community.


The fern’s shape is created with a single continuous bold stroke, a tribute to the tradition of players wearing, guarding and passing down their jerseys to the next generation, establishing a continuous line of guardianship. The jersey also includes other intricate embellishments.

An emblem formed of 14 ferns of various sizes is sewn onto the chest of the original jersey to represent the team’s diversity. In addition, the team’s crest serves as the 15th fern, each of which faces inward to form a “USO” mark in recognition of the camaraderie among All Black players.

89% recycled polyester and high-performance yarn are used to make the authentic jerseys. A leisure collection that includes comfortable loungewear is introduced along with the jersey.


The All Blacks Rugby World Cup 2023 shirt costs $90, while the training apparel ranges in price from $45 to $120.