Adidas Euro 2024 ball name meaning, material design and features

Adidas Euro 2024 ball name meaning, material design and features

Here is all you need to know about new adidas Euro 2024 ball including it’s Microchip, Limb-Tracking and name

Adidas has consistently produced soccer balls for important competitions using cutting-edge technology.

Adidas Euro 2024 ball name meaning, material design and features list

There will be 24 teams competing for the most coveted trophy in continental football in the 17th UEFA European Championship, which is scheduled to take place in Germany from June 14 to July 14, 2024.

The ball is named FUSSBALLLIEBE, which in German means “love for football” and it incorporates Adidas’ Connected Ball technology for the first time in a EURO, providing an unprecedented view of every element of the ball’s movement and contributing to the decision-making process of the UEFA Video Assistant Referee. The ball’s outer layer is supported internally by CTR-CORE, designed for the best precision and consistency, promoting fast and accurate play with maximum shape and air retention in it.


The German athletic apparel company reports that the Fussballliebe will have a microchip that can be recharged and used to transmit accurate ball data in real time to video match umpires, a report in Sky Sports suggests.

Starting with the first game on June 14, 2024, in Munich’s Allianz Arena, Fussballiebe, equipped with its adidas Connected Ball Technology, will be utilised in all 51 of the tournament’s games.

On Wednesday, the match ball was formally unveiled at a special event in front of Berlin’s Olympic Stadium. This marked the start of five days of on-site events centred around commemorating the passion of football. The celebrations feature freestyle fights, exciting chances for spectators to touch the ball firsthand, and special visits by current and previous football luminaries.

The Adidas ball for the UEFA Euro 2024, which is made of corn fibers, rubber, polyester (recycled), and wood pulp will have an implanted microchip at its disposal, according to a claim by “Transfer News Live” on its official “X” (formerly known as Twitter) account. This microchip is meant to help match officials identify handball instances during play more accurately.


The ball is also anticipated to make use of a state-of-the-art limb-tracking system. This limb-tracking arrangement will work in conjunction with the associated microprocessor. It will facilitate the players’ impromptu creation of visual images. We’ll create three-dimensional (3D) visuals.

In Europe, VAR has been criticised, particularly in the Premier League, where numerous managers have voiced their disapproval of the technology’s application. Adidas ball technology will speed up determinations of offside and handball. The exact location on a player’s body where the ball struck them will be visible to the Video Assistant Referees (VAR) thanks to the 3D quality of the images.