A Shoulder to Cry On BL series ending explained and is it happy or sad

A Shoulder to Cry On BL series ending explained and is it happy or sad

The final episode of the Korean BL series A Shoulder to Cry on is out, know the ending explained and other details here

In the sixth episode, Tae Hyeon rejects Da Yeol’s confession. He said that he needs him but he is not sure whether he likes him or not. After that, Da Yeol quit school and archery. If you are also following the Korean drama A Shoulder to Cry and are curious to know about the ending, we have got you covered here.

A Shoulder to Cry On Kdrama ending explained and is it happy or sad

Tae Hyeon finds that Da Yeol was going to leave the school. He begs him to stay but Da Yeol said that next time he should reciprocate if another person likes him too. Two years, later, they met again through their mutual friend So Keong. Da Yeol was drunk with her and she called Tae Hyeon to let him know that. It seems like they were dating but it was not clear in the episode. Anyway, she informed him that he kept calling his name and crying.

Da Yeol And Tae Hyeon meet each other again

Tae Hyeon carries him on his back and asks if he still likes him. Even though he has many problems in his life, he only wants to date him. Da Yeol agreed to wait for him to be in the relationship. The final episode of the series takes us again two years later when Da Yeol was preparing for the police exam. He was studying hard and had little time so he invited Tae Hyeon to meet in the library. Tae Hyeon kept staring at Da Yeol’s face which was a very cute scene and made him flustered too.


Does A Shoulder to Cry On series have a happy ending?

The Korean BL series  A Shoulder to Cry On has a happy ending as both Da Yeol and Tae Hyeon confessed their feeling to each other. Apart from hanging out with Tae Hyeon, Dae Yeol has no other plans. He was lately often stressed due to exams, so Tae Hyeon decided to take him for some fun.  Tae Heyon wanted to visit the ocean with him so they took the train to Jeongdo station. Da Yeol said that he should have told him if he wanted to come there. However, Tae Yeon informed him that if he had mentioned it earlier, he would have surely refused.

During college times, he was busy with archery and now he is occupied with the police exams. They walked together by the side and Dae Yeol told him to stop staring at him and enjoy the view. Tae Hyeon told that looking at him watching the ocean feels like he is enjoying the ocean. After gazing at the ocean, they found a good place to spend the day. Tae Hyeon cooked some food as both of them were hungry. While eating, Da Yeol asked what he had brought in his bag. To his surprise, they were a couple’s outfits and brushes. Da Yeo and Tae Hyeon both wore matching clothes and brushed their teeth together. 


Fans can enjoy the Korean series A Shoulder to Cry episodes on Rakuten Viki with English subtitles online. In case you don’t have a subscription, you can also enjoy it on the Dailymotion website for free.

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