Top 5 Worst Umpiring Decisions And Umpires In IPL 2022 List

Top 5 Worst Umpiring Decisions And Umpires In IPL 2022 List

Umpiring has been the major talking point in this year’s IPL, know the worst umpires in the 2022 season

The standard of umpiring in this season has been very average. There are many instances in IPL 2022 where the decision-making of umpires has been questionable. Today we are gonna talk about the 5 worst Umpiring decisions in IPL 2022.

Top 5 Worst Umpiring Decisions And Umpires In IPL 2022 Full List

5. Rohit Sharma left disappointed after technology malfunctioned

In the game of MI VS, KKR Rohit got beaten b the delivery of time Southee. Southee appealed for it as the ball was closed to the bat and there was a nice too. The on-field umpire turned down their appeal. Sheldon Jackson convinces his skipper Shreyas Iyer to take the review.

In the review, it was clearly evident that there was no contact with the bat but the ball struck the thigh pad which made the Ultra edge move. But because the Snickometer showed movement the third umpire gave it out. Rohit was looking furious as he walked back after scoring just 2 runs. because of a technological error.

4. Virat Kohli LBW against MI on 48 because of a confusion

The former RCB captain has been struggling to get runs in this edition of IPL. Virat has just scored a single half-century in the whole tournament. Virat had the opportunity to score his first half-century of the season against MI. He was bating very patiently on 48 and he almost finished the game for his team.


Rohit Sharma gave the ball to a part-time bowler Dewal Brevis as the match result was already evident. Brevis beat Virat in Flight and appealed for LBW and the on-field also got convinced. Virat took DRS straight away as he knew that it struck his bat first. The third Umpire didn’t get any conclusive evidence to overturn the decision of the On-field umpire and Kohli remained out.

Kohli looked absolutely disappointed after the decision as he couldn’t believe that the umpire gave it out. He throws his bat at the dugout in frustration as he was craving runs.

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3. Devdutt Padikkal’s Contentious catch of Kane Williamson

Kane Williamson who is right not at his very best with the bat was given out by the third umpire after Padikkal grabbed a controversial catch. Rajasthan Royals opener claimed that he took that catch fairly but the review suggested the ball did hit the ground first. The third umpire had a tough job to do because the pictures were not very clear. He, later on, decided to go with the on-field umpires’ decision to out as there was no clear evidence.


2. No ball Drama in the game of DC VS RR

The match was almost done and dusted as there were 36 runs needed in the last over for DC. Rowman Powell was on strike and he unexpectedly struck three sixes in the first three deliveries of the over. Obed McCoy was under pressure as he conceded 3 sixes off the first 3 deliveries.

The third six was struck on an above waist height full toss and it was clearly visible by the naked eye. The umpire didn’t give it no-ball and said to play on. Captain Rishab Pant from the dugout didn’t like the decision of the On-field umpire and he sent one of the staff members of the team inside the ground. The whole chaos took place during the game and it later backfired to DC only as the Powell lost his momentum after the halt.

1. Marcus Stoinis almost Hit the stumps in frustration

In the game of Lucknow vs RCB Marus Stoinis was on strike against Hazelwood in the death overs of the game. Stoinis was looking to finish the job for his team as he came in when his team needed 70 runs in just 36 deliveries. Hazlewood came into the attack in the 19th over of the game and he bowled an outside tramline wide ball which was called legal by the umpire.

Stoinis was absolutely fuming with anger that it wasn’t given wide. In the next very delivery, he came across to hit that wide outside ball but only managed to chop it on stumps. It was clearly evident that Marcus was not over from that last delivery. This incident is number 1 on the list of 5 worst Umpiring Decisions in IPL 2022.

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