Who is YouTuber Karan Dutta as Kulhad Pizza Couple full video goes viral on Twitter and YouTube

Who is YouTuber Karan Dutta as Kulhad Pizza Couple full video goes viral on Twitter and YouTube

Recently, an video of Sehaj Arora and his wife Gurpreet Kaur who are famous for their Kulhad Pizza couple went viral across social media, with Sehaj now accusing Karan Dutta, a YouTuber for spreading the video

Sehaj Arora came forward and released a video where he explains about the situation and directly blames Karan Dutta.

Who is YouTuber Karan Dutta as Kulhad Pizza Couple full video goes viral on Twitter, Reddit and YouTube

In the video, viewers can see Sehaj and Gurpreet Kaur engaging in acts, which Sehaj claims are AI-generated.


Sehaj Arora pleas to stop sharing the Kulhad Pizza video

Following the incident, Sehaj Arora uploaded a video where he sobs and makes a plea to his viewers to stop watching and sharing the video. According to Sehaj, the vlogger and the woman who made the viral video were allegedly extorting money from him. Sehaj also shared the WhatsApp messages between him and the woman on social media.

According to the messages, the accused woman allegedly demanded money from Sehaj. Instead of complying to the threats, Sehaj decided to file a complaint at the police station. This prompted the persons who threatened them to make the video viral.

Karan Dutta bio

Karan Dutta is a YouTuber from Punjab who has a channel by the name Karandutta Vines. He currently has 242k subscribers, and generally posts videos like commentary, challenges, vlogs, etc on his channel. Over the past few days, Dutta has posted multiple videos about the Kulhad Pizza Couple video on his channel. Ever since the Kulhad Pizzaa couple accused Karan of spreading the video, he has been trending across social media sparking the curiosity of netizens.



Karan Dutta has an Instagram account with the handle @karanduttavines, where he has over 156K Followers.

Karan Dutta speaks out against Sehaj Arora

Following Sehaj Arora’s video where he accuses Karan Dutta of spreading the video, Karan has responded by rejecting Arora’s statements. Dutta went on to question Arora why he did not include his name or mention the woman in the lawsuit which he first filed 15 days ago if he knew about the two of them from the start.


Dutta went on to question the timing of Arora’s claims about him and asserted that he was not related to the situation. He further stated jokingly on the video that Sehaj Arora could have simply said that he made a mistake and forgot to erase the footage. Following his response, the Kulhad Pizza couple has not provided any credible evidence besides the to support the accusations against Karan Dutta. Interestingly, Dutta also has not given any concrete proof of his innocence as well.

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