Who Is Shuji Bon Yagi Mayor Of NYC Little Tokyo, Biography, Age, TIC Restaurant, Sex Assault Lawsuit News

Who Is Shuji Bon Yagi Mayor Of NYC Little Tokyo, Biography, Age, TIC Restaurant, Sex Assault Lawsuit News

An unofficial Mayor, Shuji Bon Yagi, of Little Tokyo, NYC, was accused of assaulting an executive sexually at his company, know his news, nationality, biography and age

The Mayor Shuji, was accused of sexually assaulting a top executive at his company, TIC Restaurant Group. The executive charged him with having sex with her while she was unconscious and unable to give consent.

The $95 million suit was filed on Tuesday, July 12th in the Manhattan’ Supreme Court.

Know Who Is Shuji Bon Yagi Mayor Of NYC Little Tokyo, Biography, Age, TIC Restaurant, Sex Assault Lawsuit News

According to a report by the New York Post, Nozomi Horikoshi, the Vice-president of operations at TIC, was allegedly sexually abused by Shuji when she was unconscious and was unable to give consent after going out drinking with other co-workers on December 10th, 2021.

According to the statement given by Nozomi, “I woke up at his apartment and I wasn’t wearing anything. I realized I was naked from the waist down … that was so embarrassing. I was like what happened? I have to go home. I knew that something happened already. There was a feeling of shame”.

In her lawsuit, she said that Yagi had invited her himself to celebrate the birthday of another female colleague “knowing that his wife was in Japan throughout the weekend”.

According to her lawsuit, the birthday girl had left early to meet others but Yagi, Nozomi and another woman co-worker went to a bar followed by the karaoke spot for more drinking.


Soon the other co-worker also left, who herself was “quite drunk” which leaves the Nozomi with Shuji alone.

The 51-years-old married mother claims that she once again met the birthday girl, before Shuji took her to another bar.

According to the lawsuit, she claimed that sometime after 2:00 A.M. Yagi got into a Cab with her and he started grabbing and touching her inappropriately.

In the suit, Nozomi alleges that she “tried to push Yagi off her and told him to stop, but due to her level of intoxication, plaintiff eventually lost consciousness inside the taxi”.

Who’s Shuji Bon Yagi?

Shuji Bon Yagi is 73-years-old man who owns multiple restaurants in Manhattan with the current count at 13. Most of them are set up in the East Village area of 9th and 10th Street which is unofficially called as ‘Japan Town’ or the ‘Little Tokyo’.


In the Past, Shuji has been called the “Mayor” of that area by several publications. According to his website of TIC, Restaurant Group, He “moved to New York City in the 1970s, in the search of an opportunity to bring Japanese cuisine beyond the conversation of ‘sushi and instant noodles’ to NYC”.

Yagi was credited for inducing the microcosm of Japan into NYC. He began his career as a dishwasher and now owns famous places like Rai Rai Ken, Curry-Ya and Otafuku and a few others.

According to the lawsuit, Instead of taking a drunk Horikoshi home, Yagi took her to a West 58th Street apartment. Eventually when she woke up, she found herself naked from the waist down with her boss laying on top of her.

She then left for home in Queens with the feeling that she had been penetrated. She also had a bruise on the back of her head.

While she tried to confront Yagi the next day, he “abruptly ended their phone conversation”.

However, the Attorney, Louis Pechman of Yagi, denied all the allegations. He said in a statement, “The undisputed facts are that Nozomi got black out drunk, fell on a sidewalk and smashed her head, and texted a friend the next day that she had no recollection of even being in Yagi’s apartment. Now she wants 300 million dollars, claiming that a man who had his prostrate removed has raped her. There was never any sexual assault. Full stop”.


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