Who is footballer Enigma 69 in the King’s Football League by Gerard Pique

Who is footballer Enigma 69 in the King’s Football League by Gerard Pique

Sergio Busquets teases former teammate Gerard Pique with Shakira’s music playing in the background of his recent Instagram story, which goes viral, know who is Enigma 69 in the King’s Football League

Sergio Busquets and Gerard Pique have been teammates with the Spanish national team and FC Barcelona for many years. Sergio Busquets’ latest Instagram story went viral, and both have recently become the talk of the town.

Busquets shared a story on Instagram in which he highlighted Gerard Pique and one of his recent projects, Kings League. Busquets used Shakira’s ‘Te Felicito’ as background music in his Instagram story while mentioning Pique. The story quickly spread across social media platforms. Busquets, on the other hand, has now deleted his story.

Who is footballer Enigma 69 in the King’s Football League 2023 by Gerard Pique

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Busquets tagged Pique in an Instagram Story referring to Enigma 69, a character with a mask who opposes the Kings League Football 7 tournament, which is endorsed and supported by Pique. Shortly after going viral, Busquets quickly deleted the story.


Who is Enigma 69?

Enigma 69 is a mysterious footballer who wears a Mexican mask and does not reveal any of his skin in order to stay unidentified. He is a professional football player who plays for the first-division club and the XBuyer team in the Kings League. This Sunday, as everyone attempts to figure out who ‘Enigma 69,’ the footballer who has played with a wrestling mask and his body covered, is.

He is a First Division footballer with several well-known tattoos. As a result, he played the game completely concealed in order to avoid being noticed. The popularity of the ‘Kings League’ is already increasing day by day, and fans are constantly digging up the internet to learn more about the players, as is the case with Enigma 69, and it appears they will not stop until they find out who is hidden behind the Mexican mask.


Most people believe it is Nano Mesa of Tenerife because the wing is tattooed on the back of his neck. Many fans have noticed the tattoo and his movements, which are identical to Nano Mesa. Aside from Nano Mesa, the other name strongly associated with Enigma 69 was Isco Alarcon.

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