Who is Florida teacher Amanda Hicks murdered by her boyfriend, obituary, bio, age, photos

Who is Florida teacher Amanda Hicks murdered by her boyfriend, obituary, bio, age, photos

Amanda Hicks, a middle school teacher, is said to have been murdered by her lover, who later committed suicide, know about her boyfriend

In a suspected murder-suicide, a Florida instructor and his partner were found dead.

Who is Florida middle teacher Amanda Hicks murdered by her boyfriend, obituary, bio, age, photos


Amanda Hicks, age 26, was discovered dead on Saturday at around 11:45 p.m. local time at her home in southern Florida. Along with Amanda Hicks, the authorities also found her boyfriend lying next to her while looking for Hicks.

The young child of Hicks was discovered crying in her cot. She was unhurt and is now staying with a relative. Hicks’ and her boyfriend’s identities were kept secret by the police. But Hicks’ passing was confirmed by the Dr. David L. Anderson Middle School principal, where she worked as a teacher.


What has been the story?

On Saturday, May 27, 2023, around 11:45 a.m. local time, police arrived at a house on Northwest East Torino Parkway in Port St. Lucie and made a horrifying find. The bodies of Amanda Hicks, 26, and her boyfriend were discovered.

Police thought the suspect killed Hicks before committing suicide. Additionally, police have claimed that they don’t think any additional suspects are involved. Amanda Hicks was a teacher at Dr. David L. Anderson Middle School at the time of her passing.

The family of Hicks’ boyfriend asked that a welfare check be performed.


After the relatives of Amanda Hicks’ boyfriend asked police to check on him, they found the two bodies. Police arrived, heard a baby crying, and then found two bodies.

According to the New York Post, Hicks has always desired to work with children, according to a friend of Amanda’s named Raquel Magallon. She was known as a cheerful and vivacious individual. Maria Uphues, another friend of Hicks, expressed her gratitude for the baby’s safety and expressed how much she would miss Hicks.


Regarding Amanda Hicks and her partner, a neighbour who desired to remain nameless remarked that they appeared to be “very normal.” The neighbour also disclosed to CBS: “Because everything happened so quickly, we barely had time to get to know them. But the family is on my mind and in my heart. I hope they are able to find some peace in this.”

The reason for the death has not yet been disclosed, and more details are still pending.