What we learn in our 30s, important life lessons to take note of

What we learn in our 30s, important life lessons to take note of

Everyone talks about how great and exciting their 20s are but the real life lessons come in our 30s

In the 20s we get to live life our way: We start careers while playing black jack online, move to new cities and have our first relationships. But the 20s also bring plenty of challenges. While the world expects us to be adults, we often still feel insecure. Fortunately, when we turn 30, that changes. We feel we have arrived – with ourselves and in life.

What we learn in our 30s: Important life lessons to take note of


  1. being at peace with yourself

While people used to think that by the time they were 25 they were already completely at peace with themselves and confidently walking through life, the reality is often different. Many people are still searching for themselves, feeling insecure and struggling with their bodies. The good news is that at 30, an inner peace sets in that gives us self-acceptance and a better sense of body well-being.

  1. First love is not always the last love

In our 30s, we realize that our 20s were for gaining experience. We date, have relationships and make mistakes. The man we thought was our great love may break our heart and we have to start all over again. We realize that the first love doesn’t always have to be the last and that life has something else in store. At 30, we are grateful for every life companion and lesson learned along the way.

  1. Our expectations of a relationship

The 20s are a phase where we are still figuring out for ourselves who we are and what we even want in a relationship. In our 30s, that changes. We know what we want in a partner and that we won’t settle for anything less.

  1. You don’t have to dance at every party

As I said, the 20s are an exciting time. And the nice thing is that no matter how late and long the night was, we can put the hangover behind us without any problems and can step on the gas at work. At 30, that doesn’t work out so easily anymore. We only learn in our 30s that our energy is limited and that we value eight hours of sleep. And that’s a good thing, because you don’t have to dance at every party.


You can hardly count the number of times you’ve told people at parties or get-togethers that you often struggle with insecurity and always get the same astonished response: What? Not you! You seem incredibly strong and self-confident! Even after what felt like the hundredth time, you just smiled and said modestly: Yes, out of self-protection.


Tip 1: Do sports

Not to work on your appearance. That is more than secondary, because true strength and self-confidence come from within. Rather, sports help you get a space just for you, where you can focus only on you.

Sports like yoga help you introspect and identify your needs, whereas martial arts for women simply let you push yourself to your personal limits. Positive side effects? Your immune system is strengthened and the endorphins released provide a brief personal high.

Tip: Sport is something you do for yourself. Although you can compete with others, you should never compare yourself to them. Accept defeats and celebrate victories all the more.

Tip 2: Don’t compare yourself

In the age of social media, the Instagram effect catches us again and again: we can’t help it and are always comparing ourselves to others. But you are the only person you should compare yourself with if you want to strengthen your self-confidence.


At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is whether you have developed individually and whether you have achieved your personal goals. The best way to do this is to regularly write down what you are proud of or keep lists of what you would like to achieve in the next year. Looking at it a year later will show you how you’ve progressed.

Tip: Write this list every year before the new year and then get it out again at Christmas time the following year. And even if you only check off the items that you took more time to read and separate trash, that already makes you proud.