Models Karina Pedro and Inked Dory k*ss at Clash of the Stars MMA, video goes viral on Twitter

Models Karina Pedro and Inked Dory k*ss at Clash of the Stars MMA, video goes viral on Twitter

At the fourth Clash of the Stars MMA tournament, Freak Wars, two fighters shocked the crowd as the video of Inked Dory and Karina Pedro went viral

OnlyFans stars Inked Dory and Karina Pedro were the fighters in question. After the X-rated weigh-in, the crowd couldn’t say a word. The fight took place at the O2 Universum Hall in the Czech Republic. Kristal Shine, a singer, actress, and influencer, and Denisa Ryndova, a model, were in the cage with the fighters.

Inked Dory, who has almost 20,000 Instagram followers, and Karina Pedro, who has 21,000 followers, were both seen showing off their goods at the MMA bash weigh-ins, where they also k*ssed. After stepping on the scales, Dory and Karina stood next to their competitors to pose for the cameras.

Models Karina Pedro and Inked Dory at Clash of the Stars MMA

They made their competitors look embarrassed as they both reached down and pulled their t*ps up, much to the delight of those watching. When they got into the cage for the fight, they did the trick again. They stood next to each other on the edge of the cage.

Fans on social media were shocked by the show. One tweeted, “That caught me off guard,” while another commented: “We need more of this.”


Even though there were a lot of distractions, the fight went the full three rounds, and the team won after getting the decision on points. Karina posted a few photos of her fighting in the UFC-style octagon on her social media, and she wrote “Unforgettable moments” in the captions.

Inked’s fight snaps had a much longer message, in which she said that she thought the judges were wrong.

MMA fights have become a playground for controversies

Over the years, MMA fights have caught some amazing and surprising things on camera. Like fighters doing stunning knockouts and brawls outside the cage. But recently, stars Inked Dory and Karina Pedro showed off their goods before their fight. This is one of the most weird things that has ever happened.

This has shocked a lot of people, and some want more of the same. The MMA event has definitely been in the news for all the wrong reasons, and it remains to be seen if other tournaments will have similar problems.


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