Watch Lando Norris suffers horrifying crash at Las Vegas GP, accident video goes viral

Watch Lando Norris suffers horrifying crash at Las Vegas GP, accident video goes viral

The crash accident video of Lando Norris at the Las Vegas GP 2023 has gone viral

Max Verstappen emerged victorious in the first-ever Las Vegas Grand Prix, securing his 18th win of the season.

The triumph followed a dramatic incident in which McLaren’s Lando Norris crashed just four laps into the race, leading to the 24-year-old being taken to the hospital for examination.

Lando Norris suffers horrifying crash at Las Vegas GP 2023, accident video goes viral


Norris appeared to experience a lock-up and lost control of his steering in turn 11, resulting in an overcorrection and ultimately losing control of the rear of his car.


While a suspension failure or puncture is suspected, McLaren has yet to confirm the cause of the crash. Zak Brown, the CEO of McLaren, provided immediate reassurance after the accident, confirming Norris’s well-being. 

Norris Doing Okay?

“He’s okay; it’s a very big hit,” Brown assured earlier in an interview. “He sounded very winded when he spoke to us. We’re looking at what happened. Just very happy he’s okay. It was a bit concerning when we first spoke to him. He’s in the medical center now, being checked out.”

During communication over the team radio, Norris, although audibly winded, confirmed his safety. “Lando, are you okay?” the team inquired, to which Norris responded after a pause, “Yeah, all good.”

Hamilton & Piastri Suffered Puncture?


In the meantime, Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes reported an early puncture, necessitating an earlier pit stop than anticipated. Oscar Piastri also suffered a puncture due to a wheel touch with Hamilton.

“Given where he was, we were not too caught out,” Brown commented on Piastri’s forced pit stop.

Despite Norris standing in fifth place, trailing three points behind Fernando Alonso, he won’t accrue any points from the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix. This marks Norris’s first retirement since Brazil 2022.

Who is the Winner?


For unfamiliar, Max Emilian Verstappen, born on 30 September 1997, is a Belgian and Dutch racing driver who emerged victorious.

Hailing from a family with a racing background, Verstappen is the son of former Formula One driver Jos Verstappen and Sophie Kumpen.

He achieved notable success in various racing categories, including karting and single-seater classes such as KF3, KF2, KF1, KZ2, KZ1, and FIA European Formula 3, setting multiple records along the way.

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