Watch Bangladesh bodybuilder Jahid Hasan Shuvo kicks his award off the stage, video goes viral

Watch Bangladesh bodybuilder Jahid Hasan Shuvo kicks his award off the stage, video goes viral

After kicking his award off the stage during the BABF National Bodybuilding Championships, a bodybuilder was permanently banned with the video of Jahid Hasan Shuvo viral

Bodybuilding is a demanding activity. The sport entails several energetic routines, including exercises, diets, and the pre-competition water cut to give the muscles the most definition. Even though there are often intense emotions on stage, athletes are expected to behave professionally, especially if they finish in a less than ideal position.

Bangladesh bodybuilder Jahid Hasan Shuvo kicks his award off the stage due to corruption, video goes viral

Jahid Hasan Shuvo kicked off his runners-up medal.


Jahid Hasan Shuvo, a bodybuilder from Bangladesh, did not take runner-up status lightly. On December 23, 2022, the professional bodybuilder participated in the BABF National Bodybuilding Championships 2022. Although the judges gave him a different score than what it appeared to be, they still placed him second.

Shuvo was furious at his defeat and kicked the blender he had won off the stage. Unfortunately, because of his response, the Bangladesh Bodybuilding Federation has permanently banned him. Shuvo showed zero interest in accepting his reward or posing with the organisers for pictures after the announcement. He then kicked his trophy off the stage after tossing it into the air.

A lifetime ban on Jahid


Shuvo’s actions were unsportsmanlike, but he later went on the record to say that he was not furious over getting a blender but rather about the corruption in the Bangladesh Bodybuilding Federation.

“This was meant as a jab at corruption. corruption of any type whatsoever in our nation. Even a young child could see the physical differences between the winner and I. However, I must apologise for my response since, in the absence of context, it appears inappropriate for a sportsperson to act in that manner.”


On December 25, the Bangladesh Bodybuilding Federation declared a lifelong ban from competitions after conferring with the IFBB. Later, the further video was made public.

Crowd response behind the ban

The public did not like the prohibition since they felt Shuvo was plainly more physically fit. The BBF claimed that this was the real reason for the ban on their official Facebook page by posting a video of Shuvo acting somewhat despicably while holding the trophy and medal he had won.

It could be claimed that Shuvo’s lifetime suspension for throwing his award off stage was excessive, yet the ban cannot be contested given the heinous crimes that transpired later. We can only hope that he learns from his mistake and if given the chance, enters the stage again to win.



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