Watch Andy Carroll Caught Passed Out With Two Blondes In Bed Ahead Of His Marriage WithBilli Mucklow

Watch Andy Carroll Caught Passed Out With Two Blondes In Bed Ahead Of His Marriage WithBilli Mucklow

During his wild stag do, Andy Carroll fell asleep in a hotel room with TWO blondes ahead of marriage with Billi Mucklow

Andy Carroll Caught Passed Out With Two Blondes In Bed After Stag Do Ahead Of His Marriage WithBilli Mucklow, Video Viral

Andy partied with pals Taylor Jane Wilkey and Phoebe Robb

After a day of partying, the boozed-up striker invited fitness instructor Phoebe Robb, 26, and bar manager Taylor Jane Wilkey, 27, to his luxurious room, video of which can be found here.

Andy Carroll was pictured asleep next to Taylor Jane Wilkey

The trio continued to party until collapsing. The 33-year-old former England, Newcastle, and Liverpool player has spent the week in Dubai, where he will marry reality TV personality Billi Mucklow in two weeks.

Carroll’s future bride-to-be Billi Mucklow swore to support the 33-year-old actor yesterday, claiming she trusts him when he says nothing sexual transpired.

Dad-of-four Carroll, who is set to marry in two weeks, was left embarrassed after exclusive images in yesterday’s Sun revealed him passed out on a bed at the Fairmont The Palm with bar manager Taylor Jane Wilkey, 27.

New photographs have surfaced showing Carroll, who is bare-chested, sleeping in the same bed as Taylor’s personal trainer companion Phoebe Robb, 26.
Carroll and a bunch of male mates traveled to Dubai last Sunday to ruin his fiancée’s hen night.

Billi and her party then went back to the United States at the beginning of the week.

Carroll, a former Newcastle and Liverpool striker, then began his own festivities, spending Wednesday with Taylor.

They began at 12 p.m. at the exclusive Cove Beach club.

Carroll and his pals were seen on tape drinking and partying around a pool.

Newcastle United defender Paul Dummett and goalkeeper Mark Gillespie, both 30, joined the Gateshead-born player.


Before traveling to his suite, Carroll invited Taylor and Leeds-based Phoebe as well as his friends to a pub.

The females are shown in a shot taken earlier in the night, with drinks in their hands.


On Thursday, photos of Carroll and Taylor on his bed in his room, as well as one of her in his ­personalized bathrobe in the bathroom, went viral.

On the gown, staff had managed to spell his surname with a lower case “c.” He may or may not have protested about the error.

Taylor, from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, recalled the night to The Sun, saying she and Carroll returned to the posh hotel, where rooms cost an average of £500 a night.

She stated that no sexual activity took place with anyone and that the photographs were only “a joke.”

“It was an afterparty,” Taylor stated. We returned to his hotel as a group.

“It was just me, Andy, and my female companion.” It wasn’t like that, I didn’t sleep with him. In the room, there were three of us.

Phoebe’s friends argued last night that she had done nothing wrong. She landed in Dubai on a one-way ticket in April.


She studied at Newcastle’s Northumbria University and now has a business that provides personal training and online fitness classes.

The majority of Carroll’s stag party is said to have returned to the UK yesterday and today.

Billi has resolved to go ahead with the wedding, knowing that her soon-to-be husband is safe.

“Andy has talked to her,” a source close to former Towie star Billi revealed. When he insists nothing occurred, she believes him.

Carroll has two additional children from a prior relationship, and the pair has two small children together.

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