UFC’s Jeff Molina leaked full video goes viral on Twitter and Reddit

UFC’s Jeff Molina leaked full video goes viral on Twitter and Reddit

For an improper leaked video that appeared online, Jeff Molina, a UFC flyweight contender who is presently serving a suspension, made the news as the clip went viral on Twitter and Reddit

The UFC fighter has accepted the accusations.

UFC fighter Jeff Molina is speaking out about his sexuality after a video of him engaging with another guy this week was posted to social media. He claims he was denied the chance to come out as bis*xual in the way he wanted.

UFC fighter Jeff Molina leaked full video goes viral on Twitter and Reddit


In an emotional tweet posted on Friday, the 25-year-old said, “Not how I wanted to do this, but the chance to do it when I was ready was robbed from me.” He continued by saying that he has always been in relationships with women and has suppressed feelings he may have had when participating on the high school wrestling team, studying MMA in college, or even after achieving a portion of his goal by joining the UFC. However, now the UFC flyweight is worried about the opinions of his friends, teammates, and role models.

Is Molina the first openly g*y male UFC fighter?

In the past, Molina—who is currently 11-2 in his career and 3-0 in the UFC—has supported the LGBTQ+ community by donning Pride Month shorts for his bout in June 2022. Molina, who is presently on suspension for his alleged involvement in a betting scheme, claimed he had no plans to come out during his career and preferred to be regarded as a skilled competitor rather than a “bi UFC fighter,” which is a term that is likely to be mistaken for “a homos*xual UFC fighter.” With his revelation, Molina becomes the first openly g*y male fighter in the UFC.

Sean Strickland has termed it to be as planned.

Sean Strickland has expressed his thoughts that the release was deliberate and planned, even though the video has stirred up controversy in the MMA world. Strickland’s speculation may or may not be accurate, but it has certainly drawn attention and sparked discussion regarding the circumstances surrounding the publication of the footage.


Middleweight contender Sean Strickland thinks Jeff Molina’s recent video leak may have been timed purposefully because of Molina’s fading career. Strickland feels that the release was deliberate to gain attention and fame for Molina. Even while this notion is still just a hunch, it has increased interest in the contentious event and the reasons why it happened. The 185-pounder wrote: “Meh mans looking at his career fading away.. was this a planned leak?”

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