Pakistani TikTok star Hareem Shah colgate LIC leaked video link goes viral on Twitter and Reddit

Pakistani TikTok star Hareem Shah colgate LIC leaked video link goes viral on Twitter and Reddit

A Pakistani TikTok star named Hareem Shah is back in the news after her video went viral with a Colgate LIC video leaked as well

A private video that allegedly shows her doing inappropriate things in a bathroom has gone viral, making people all over the country angry and upset.

Pakistani TikTok star Hareem Shah colgate LIC leaked video full link goes viral on Twitter and Reddit

Reports say that an unknown user posted and leaked the videos, which show Hareem Shah doing dirty things in a bathroom while she is under the shower. Hareem says that her old friends Sundal Khattak and Ayesha Naz stole the videos from her phone when they all lived together. She has also said that she is going to take both of them to court.

Hareem Shah’s TikTok videos helped her become famous, and she is now a well-known social media influencer in Pakistan. She has also been involved in a number of scandals and controversies over the course of her career. She is often seen with well-known public figures and politicians, like those from the MQM party.

Hareem Shah is always in a controversy

Since the beginning of her career, Hareem Shah has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Most of the time, she’s been in trouble and videos of her have been leaked. She was even held in Turkey because she was involved in a case of smuggling gold and cash.


Hareem Shah has also been accused of transferring money illegally, and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) recently sent her a subpoena because she posted a video of stacks of British pounds in front of her and said she brought them from Pakistan without airport officials knowing. She said it was a joke, but her fans were still very angry about what happened.

Hareem Shah is still a well-known figure on social media, and he has a lot of fans on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter despite the problems. She is known for her bold and sometimes controversial posts, and in Pakistan, she is often seen as a symbol of free speech and women’s rights.

Pakistani social media stars are under controversial scanner

Hareem Shah’s scandal is just the latest in a long line of scandals involving Pakistani social media stars. In the past few years, there have been a number of high-profile cases that range from blasphemy to cyberbullying and harassment.

As the use of social media continues to grow in Pakistan, many people are calling for stricter rules to stop the spread of harmful and inappropriate content online. Others, on the other hand, say that such rules would be against the right to free speech and expression.

No matter how the current controversy turns out, it seems clear that regulating social media in Pakistan is a complicated and controversial issue with no easy answers or solutions in sight. For now, all we can do is wait and see how things go and hope that the country can find a way to balance the need for free speech with the need to keep its people safe.


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