NFL Roughing The Passer Penalty, Rule And Change Meaning Explained In 2022

NFL Roughing The Passer Penalty, Rule And Change Meaning Explained In 2022

Roughing The Passer Penalty has come under scrutiny because recently Chris Jones was shockingly penalized for it, know about the NFL rule in 2022

On Monday night, Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones was shockingly penalized for roughing the passer against Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. At Arrowhead Stadium, during the second quarter of the Chiefs vs. Raiders game, the incident happened.

NFL Roughing The Passer Penalty, Rule And Change Explained In 2022

The Raiders gained a 14-yard lead as a result of the play, which was executed on the LV 46-yard line. The ball was returned to the Las Vegas team when it was determined that it was a no-play.


Since then, the roughing of the passer penalty has gained a spotlight with many people discussing it and why the referee Carl Cheffers used it against Chris Jones. So, let’s find out more about it:

What Is Roughing The Passer Penalty?

When a defensive player illegally touches the quarterback after he has thrown a forward pass, it is deemed to be a penalty called roughing the passer penalty.

The offense gets an automatic first down after the penalty, which is often 10 or 15 yards depending on the play.


While a player is still in control of the ball, defenders may make contact with them (for example, a quarterback sack); but, once the quarterback releases the ball, defenders may not make contact with him unless he is moving forward due to momentum.

In a case-by-case scenario, the referee determines whether contact after release was brought on by a violation or by momentum.

Why Chris Jone Was Penalised?


When questioned about if he spoke with head referee Carl Cheffers after the play, Chris Jones responded post-match,

There’s no need for an explanation.

He added,

What should I say? How should I tackle? How should I not roll on him? I’m 325 pounds, okay? What you want me to do?

However, regarding the roughing of the passer penalty, Cheffers reaffirmed that the punishment was issued because Jones hit Carr with his entire body weight after the game.


Carr is still given the complete protection quarterbacks get while in the passing stance, despite the fact that the ball is loose. Additionally, the incident was not examined in-game by the league headquarters in New York.

Cheffers said,

The fact the ball came out and was subsequently recovered by the defense is not relevant as far as the protection the quarterback gets.

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