Nano Machine Chapter 125 Release Date And Time, Reddit Spoilers, Manga Raw Scan, Where To Read Online

Nano Machine Chapter 125 Release Date And Time, Reddit Spoilers, Manga Raw Scan, Where To Read Online

Chapter 125 of the popular action manga Nano Machine will be out soon, know more about the release date, time, raw scans, spoilers, and were to read it

In the previous chapter, we have seen a troop of thousands of soldiers gathered at Demon Forest’s tower to slay the intruders. Lord Jong debates the attackers while discussing the Crowned Prince. He explains the paradox behind the method of reversing Demonic Blood and the reason the Crowned Prince killed the second elder. If you are also following the manga Nano Machine and are excited about chapter 125, we have you covered here.

Nano Machine Chapter 125 Release Date And Time, Reddit Spoilers, Manga Raw Scan And Where To Read Online

Lord Yo Jong is confused as to why this stranger and Marakim disagree with him and support the Crowned Prince, who must be put to death for the murder of the second elder. He informs Han that he is the chief of the group. After stating that she is not the older Han, Han removes her mask. When Lord Yo Jong turned to face his intended victim, he was taken aback.


He explains how he came to take over the sect’s command. Just before the ruckus started, Han’s imitation duplicate killed warriors who had been sent to the Demon Forest to destroy him. He murdered hundreds of men in an army by himself.


Nano Machine Chapter 125 Release Date And Time

The release date of the popular manga Nano Machine Chapter 125 is October 5, 2022. You can read this chapter at 4.50 pm according to The Pacific Time on Wednesday. Chapter 125 of the manga will be available to read on Viz Media, the Manga Plus app, and the official website of Nano Machine. 

Spoilers For Chapter 125

The raw scan of the manga Nano Machine Chapter 125  will be out by October 4, 2022. Lord Jong discovers that Crowned Prince Cheon is the person who used Han’s appearance as a cover in the day. As he dispatched a thousand men to execute Cheon, he is astonished as to why Cheon has shown up.

Cheon misled Lord Yo Jong into believing that he was dead at the Demon Forest. He fought the troops and then entered the Demon Forest castle to reveal himself. Yo Jong understands that he needs to influence everybody to fight Cheon.

Gai Hyun came and interrupted Lord Yo Jong’s preparations after she disclosed the truth, which startled him. The royals are aware that Lord Jong has slain the soldiers protecting the Crown Prince. Now that truth has come out, they must defend the Crown Prince. In the upcoming chapter of the manga, Ho Sangu will also join the fight.


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