MMA fighter Karina Pedro video and pictures go viral on Twitter

MMA fighter Karina Pedro video and pictures go viral on Twitter

Denisa Ryndova and Karina Pedro are models who have turned into fighters. know about their recent encounter below as their video goes viral

Denisa Ryndova and Karina Pedro garnered attention during the Clash of the Star’s fourth tournament, Freak Wars as they were seen k*ssing on camera.

MMA fighter Karina Pedro leaked video and pictures go viral on Twitter and Reddit

Inked Dory and Karina Pedro fought Kristal Shine who is a popular actress, singer, and influencer, and Denisa Ryndova who is a popular model on 11 March 2023. Both these pairs squared off against each other during weigh-ins. This fight took place in Prague at 02 Universum hall.

When Denisa Ryndova and Karina Pedro got into each other’s faces, these two kissed to diffuse the situation during Freak War event. Ryndova has taken to Instagram and said that this was her favorite moment.


Karina Pedro hails from Slovakia and she has become a popular singer, producer, model, rapper, and mixed martial artist. She is into making since her childhood. Her debut was marked with a 2022 track named Lilith and after that, she produced two more singles named Padaj Bombay and ARLATN.

On OnlyFans Pedro makes thousands of dollars each year as she is a popular model on the adult platform.

When her career progressed from being a model to a content creator on OnlyFans, Inked Dory began to refer to herself as OnlyFans queen.

Inked Dory’s MMA career began when she was a model.


Freak war events

Far war events in Europe are becoming quite popular. Clash of Stars has flourished in the Czech Republic with the increasing popularity of its events on social media. At the recent event by Clash of the Stars, a number of nonstandard fights took place.

Karina Pedro, Inked Dory, Krystal Shine, and Denisa Rydnova were also a part of the fight. Despite all the incidents that took place during the fight, spectators enjoyed this fight as each fighter displayed their MMA skills.

This match lasted for three rounds and the OnlyFans influencers won in the end based on the points, This was the best fight of the evening for the organization.


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