Mark Stewart The Pop Group singer cause of death, obituary, age, family, wife, net worth

Mark Stewart The Pop Group singer cause of death, obituary, age, family, wife, net worth

Mark Stewart, the founder of post-punk and the lead singer of The Pop Group, died on April 22, 2023, know his cause of death

He was 62 years old. Mute Records, which hired him at the time, said in a statement that he had died.

Mark Stewart The Pop Group singer cause of death, obituary, age, family, wife, net worth in 2023

The label called him a “creative force of nature” and said it was very sad to lose a close friend and fellow activist. The reason Stewart died has not been found yet.


Stewart was born in Bristol, England, on August 10, 1960. He was an important part of the post-punk and industrial hip-hop groups. He was best known for being the lead singer of the band The Pop Group, which he started with John Waddington, Simon Underwood, Gareth Sager, and Bruce Smith in 1977.

The group put out two important albums, Y in 1979 and For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder? in 1980, which inspired a whole generation of musicians.


The Pop Group’s sound was experimental, with elements of punk, dub, free jazz, and funk. Stewart’s lyrics were direct and talked about social and political problems. The band gained recognition for their intense and unpredictable live shows, quickly establishing themselves as one of the most innovative and subversive groups of their time.

Mark Stewart’s career: Exploring dub and hip-hop sounds

When The Pop Group broke up in 1981, Stewart kept trying out new sounds and working with other artists as a solo act. As the Veneer of Democracy Starts to Fade, his first record, came out in 1985. He formed Mark Stewart and the Maffia. Drummer Keith LeBlanc, bassist Doug Wimbish, and guitarist Skip McDonald, who were all part of the house band at Sugarhill Records, played on the record.


Stewart’s interest in dub and hip-hop kept growing. He worked with some of the best singers in those styles, like Adrian Sherwood, Tackhead, and The New Age Steppers. Ryuichi Sakamoto and Erik Satie both contributed to his self-titled solo record, which came out in 1987. He went on to make two more albums, Metatron in 1990 and Control Data in 1996.

Stewart’s last solo record, The Politics of Envy, came out in 2012. It was made with Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie and the experimental filmmaker Kenneth Anger. The record got good reviews and showed that Stewart is still relevant and still willing to challenge the status quo.

Mark Stewart’s return to The Pop Group and Legacy after death


Even though Stewart had a great solo career, he stayed close to The Pop Group and even joined them for a series of live shows in 2010. Stewart, Gareth, and Bruce were in the band, and they put out a compilation record called We Are Time in 2014 and a studio album called Citizen Zombie in 2015. Honeymoon on Mars, the band’s last record, came out in 2016.

Stewart’s death is a big loss for the music world, and his reputation as a pioneering artist and fearless activist will continue to inspire people for years to come. His projected net worth at the time of his death was $22 million. There is no information about his wife.

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