Man Gets Death Sentence For Smuggling Netflix Show Squid Games Into North Korea

Man Gets Death Sentence For Smuggling Netflix Show Squid Games Into North Korea

The popular Netflix show Squid Games was smuggled into North Korea by a man who has now been sentenced to death

Incase there’s anything like hell on Earth, its North Korea.

Over the course of the years, the atrocities being carried out in the Asian country have been well documented by citizens of the land serving what can be best described as life sentences in jail. The dictation rulership in the country has clamped down on anything which slightly endears to people with a plethora of stringent rules dictating how people are bound to live their lives in shackles.


Man Given Death Sentence For Smuggling South Korean Netflix Show Squid Games Into North Korea

The country has now sentenced a man to death for smuggling South Korean based Netflix series Squid Games on an USB through China in the country. The entire incident came to light after seven high school students were caught watching the show with the man having sold copies of it. He will now be executed by a firing squad as reported by RFA.

The six people who saw the show have been handed five years of hard labour sentences while teachers and school administrators were fired and banished to work in remote areas in mines.


North Korea had recently passed a law on Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture which carried the maximum penalty of death sentence for watching, keeping or distributing media and videos from countries like the United States of America and South Korea. The country has currently closed its borders to contain the spread of COVID-19 after having earlier outlandishly claimed there were no cases of the virus in the land.


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