Jack Grealish Transfer To Manchester City: Know About The Record £100 Million Transfer, Contract, Salary And Weekly Wage

Jack Grealish Transfer To Manchester City: Know About The Record £100 Million Transfer, Contract, Salary And Weekly Wage

Jack Grealish was recently announced as the new number 10 in the Manchester City squad with a record £100M transfer, know his contract, salary and weekly wage

Manchester City has successfully signed Aston Villa’s number 10 Jack Grealish with a record £1000 million transfer and this is the highest transfer ever recorded in the premier league.

After the Euro’s Grealish was approached with several offers but none of those transfers were well suited looking at his form and technique but Manchester city was the only team who could give him the offer he deserved and that is the reason why Aston villa set up such a high release clause and has agreed to his decision and have signed several forward players like Danny Ings to have a more suited team in the premier league. 


At just the age of 25 Jack Grealish has a total of 43 goals and 59 assists in his 295 appearances. It would be interesting to see how his playing style and mentality help the city squad this season.

Jack Grealish Manchester City Transfer: Records Broken, Annual Salary And Weekly Wage

-His weekly wage at Man City is said to be upwards of 200,000 pounds per week, a substantial increase from the 120,000 pounds he pocketed home at his old club where his annual salary was 5,400,000 pounds.


-He is the highest paid signing within the city squad, the last being Kevin De Bruyne with £76M from Wolfsberg.

-The most expensive British player moving further from the deal when Real Madrid moved for Gareth bale for £85.3M in 2013.

-The most expensive player in premier league history moving further ahead from the signing of Paul Pogba with £93.25 to sign him from Juventus.


-And Manchester City has signed their first ever player for £100M making him the 9th player to join the £100M club alongside players like Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Is Harry Kane Next?


As the transfer for their Number 10 is now complete, What is the next transfer city is looking out for? It’s Harry Kane as he has been linked with this club for a similar figure. Kane has not made it onto train for Tottenham yet and clearly has no intentions of going back.

It’s not been long since the announcement and we already hear the Messi Chants coming back to the Etihad. It’s a slight possibility that Messi could be re-considered as City have the funds that could help Messi reunite with Pep which would certainly be a dream team after the performance City has already delivered last season.

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