“How do Dana’s nuts taste,” Michael Bisping leaks messages from Jake Paul abusing him and Dana White

“How do Dana’s nuts taste,” Michael Bisping leaks messages from Jake Paul abusing him and Dana White

Jake Paul angry communications to Michael Bisping are leaked as the two quarrel over Dana White, have a look 

Jake Paul, a YouTube boxer and Michael Bisping’s ongoing conflict has continued through a series of venomous direct messages.

Michael Bisping leaks messages from Jake Paul abusing him and Dana White

The YouTube boxer and UFC icon had previously engaged in scathing social media discussions regarding a potential matchup; the “Problem Child” even sent a draft contract. Bisping responded and accepted the challenge, but because to complications with obtaining professional sanctioning, a fight was never held.


Even though it seemed like their bitter dispute was coming to an end, Bisping has released new messages from Paul that seem to indicate that it continued behind closed doors.

Was Michael Bisping vs Jake Paul on the cards?

After falling to Kelvin Gastelum in November 2017, Bisping left the UFC and hasn’t decided to come back because he’s unlikely to be granted the green light to fight because of his glass eye. Last year, YouTube sensation Paul decided to start a fued with ‘The Count,’ to accept his bout offer after he had already battled a plethora of ex-MMA champions.

Being a frequent critic of Paul’s career, Bisping first welcomed the offer. Despite having no prior boxing expertise, he pledged to be the first person to defeat Paul by KO. He even tried to find a regulatory body that would approve the battle, but his efforts to resurrect the contest were in vain. Fans and his brother Logan Paul even made fun of Paul for the call-out, which caused him to stop criticising people in public and on social media. Bisping claimed he never heard back and kept serving as a member of the UFC presenting team.


Jake Paul’s feud with Dana White

Paul is against Bisping’s feud with UFC boss White, who unquestionably changed the combat sports landscape. Paul has frequently challenged how White treats his fighters, including their salary and healthcare, despite the fact that White has turned the promotion into one of the most recognisable and lucrative in sports. The YouTuber has taken offence at White, frequently criticising him on social media and even releasing a diss tune about him. Paul recently started a fighter’s union to aid UFC opponents and joined the PFL, a rival MMA organisation, where he made fighters’ rights a priority.

Michael Bisping discloses Jake Paul DMs

Paul is currently getting ready for the next step in his boxing career, where he will face Nate Diaz, a former UFC fighter who will be making his boxing debut. Paul’s interest in the fight has undoubtedly been piqued by Bisping’s frequent mention of it, despite the fact that he is in Puerto Rico on a tight training camp.

And in a recent interview, Bisping said that Paul recently addressed him angrily via Instagram private messaging to disparage him for his professional connection with Dana White. He told JOE:


“I have been on the receiving end of many an abusive direct message from Jake Paul. Just the other day, out of the blue he says, ‘How do Dana [White]’s nuts taste?.

And I said, ‘How did Tommy Fury’s amateur uppercut taste?’ He said, ‘I’m 26 and made more money in that amateur fight than your whole career.

Now you’re on your knees gobbling nuts and calling slap fights. You don’t have the courage to stand up for fighters.’ Blah, blah, blah…

“He came back again talking c**p, and I just went, ‘Okay Disney Boy.’ I’m not lowering myself to argue with him, I just keep calling him Disney Boy.”