Genshin Impact Characters: Razor Build, Best Artifacts, Quest, Abilities, Team

Genshin Impact Characters: Razor Build, Best Artifacts, Quest, Abilities, Team

Fortunately, aspiring Razor in Genshin Impact players can use a variety of Claymores to make him worthwhile, know his build and best artifacts

Razor in Genshin Impact is a powerful yet selfish physical DPS unit that Genshin Impact fans enjoy constructing. His builds largely attempt to maximise his damage as he is a 4-star Electro Claymore user with few supportive attributes. Fortunately, aspiring Razor mains can use a variety of Claymores to make him worthwhile.

His artifacts are simple, as he only has a few that gamers would be interested in using in terms of efficiency. Weapons and artifacts that affect his ATK, Physical DMG, CRIT Rate, and CRIT DMG are often the best choices.

Build Ideas For Razor In Genshin Impact And Best Artifacts 

Players should build Razor to maximise his damage output because he was designed to be a DPS unit. As a result, the artefact substats listed below are desirable:

  • ATK percent or Energy Recharge in the Sands of Eon
  • ATK percent or Physical DMG Bonus percent in the Goblet of Eonothem
  • CRIT Rate percent or CRIT DMG percent, according to the Circle of Logos

Players can choose from a variety of artefact sets. In Genshin Impact, the finest ones for Razor are Gladiator’s Finale, Bloodstained Chivalry, and Pale Flame. If the player possesses a good Claymore, a 4-piece Gladiator’s Finale is excellent.


A two-piece Bloodstained Chivalry and two-piece Pale Flame can also be used. They both contribute to Razor’s high physical DPS.

P2W Claymores for Razor

Wolf’s Gravestone is an excellent match for Razor’s character. Razor will preferably be focused on his DPS output potential, hence this 5-star Claymore’s secondary stat is ATK percent. Its impact, which includes a momentary team-wide boon, boosts his ATK even more.

Skyward Pride can be used instead of Wolf’s Gravestone, enhancing Razor’s already excellent Energy Recharge. Song of Broken Pines, meanwhile, is a good fit for Razor, but it focuses more on his raw damage.


Both possibilities aren’t quite as good as Wolf’s Gravestone, but they’ll suffice for those who don’t have it.

Serpent Spine is only available through the Battle Pass, however, maxing it out is less expensive than the other alternatives. In Genshin Impact, it focuses on Razor’s CRIT Rate and involves stacks that cause him to give and take more damage.

F2P Claymores for Razor

In terms of pure DPS, some F2P Claymores can outperform their P2W counterparts (assuming R5 versus R1). On average, none of them outperform Wolf’s Gravestone, but Lithic Blade performs admirably.


ATK percent is its secondary stat, which is usually useful for a selfish DPS character like Razor. Given that Razor is not from Liyue, the effect appears unusual to utilise at first. At its maximum Refinement Level, however, possessing three other Liyue units in the party provides him an extra 33 percent ATK and 21 percent CRIT Rate.

If the player has none of these possibilities, Debate Club may be a viable option. It’s another ATK percent Claymore that works in the same way as Prototype Archaic. By comparison, these bursts do less damage, but they can erupt every three seconds instead of 15 seconds.

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