FIH Men’s Junior Hockey World Cup 2021: Schedule, Score, Results, Teams, Tickets, Venue, Live Streaming

FIH Men’s Junior Hockey World Cup 2021: Schedule, Score, Results, Teams, Tickets, Venue, Live Streaming

At Kalinga stadium in Bhubaneswar, India thrashed Canada 13-1 in a must-win Pool B match of the FIH Junior Men’s Hockey World Cup 2021, know the schedule, results 

On Wednesday, Vivek Prasad and his teammates were defeated by France in their first match.

FIH Men’s Junior Hockey World Cup 2021 Score And Results

However, the Indian colts immediately forgot about their 5-4 setback and put on a fantastic performance against Canada, winning by a large margin of 13-1 to get the campaign back on track. FIH Junior Men’s Hockey World Cup is currently underway and India is defending its title on the home ground.

Germany, Belgium, Argentina and the Netherlands are the other hockey teams to watch out for.


FIH Men’s Hockey Junior World Cup 2021 pools and teams

Pool A: Belgium, Chile, Malaysia and South Africa

Pool B: India (C), Canada, France and Poland

Pool C: Korea, Netherlands, Spain and United States


Pool D: Argentina, Egypt, Germany and Pakistan

Full Schedule Of Men’s Hockey Junior World Cup 2021, Date, Time And Live Streaming

1Wednesday, November 24ABelgium vs South Africa09:30 AM
2Wednesday, November 24AMalaysia vs Chile12:00 PM
3Wednesday, November 24DGermany vs Pakistan02:30 PM
4Wednesday, November 24BCanada vs Poland05:00 PM
5Wednesday, November 24BIndia vs France07:30 PM
6Thursday, November 25DArgentina vs Egypt09:30 AM
7Thursday, November 25CNetherlands vs Korea12:00 PM
8Thursday, November 25CSpain vs United States02:30 PM
9Thursday, November 25BFrance vs Poland05:00 PM
10Thursday, November 25BCanada vs India07:30 PM
11Friday, November 26ASouth Africa vs Chile09:30 AM
12Friday, November 26AMalaysia vs Belgium12:00 PM
13Friday, November 26CKorea vs United States02:30 PM
14Friday, November 26CSpain vs Netherlands05:00 PM
15Friday, November 26DArgentina vs Germany07:30 PM
16Saturday, November 27DPakistan vs Egypt09:30 AM
17Saturday, November 27ABelgium vs Chile12:00 PM
18Saturday, November 27ASouth Africa vs Malaysia02:30 PM
19Saturday, November 27BFrance vs Canada05:00 PM
20Saturday, November 27BIndia vs Poland07:30 PM
21Sunday, November 28CKorea vs Spain12:00 PM
22Sunday, November 28CNetherlands vs United States02:30 PM
23Sunday, November 28DPakistan vs Argentina05:00 PM
24Sunday, November 28DGermany vs Egypt07:30 PM
25Tuesday, November 309/163rd Pool A vs 4th Pool B10:30 AM
26Tuesday, November 309/163rd Pool D vs 4th Pool C01:30 PM
27Tuesday, November 309/163rd Pool B vs 4th Pool A04:30 PM
28Tuesday, November 309/163rd Pool C vs 4th Pool D07:30 PM
29Wednesday, December 1QF11st Pool A vs 2nd Pool B10:30 AM
30Wednesday, December 1QF11st Pool D vs 2nd Pool C01:30 PM
31Wednesday, December 1QF11st Pool B vs 2nd Pool A04:30 PM
32Wednesday, December 1QF11st Pool C vs 2nd Pool D07:30 PM
33Thursday, December 213/16Loser Match 25 vs Loser Match 2610:30 AM
34Thursday, December 213/16Loser Match 27 vs Loser Match 2801:30 PM
35Thursday, December 29/12Winner Match 25 vs Winner Match 2604:30 PM
36Thursday, December 29/12Winner Match 27 vs Winner Match 2807:30 PM
37Friday, December 35/8Loser Match 29 vs Loser Match 3010:30 AM
38Friday, December 35/8Loser Match 31 vs Loser Match 3201:30 PM
39Friday, December 3SFWinner Match 29 vs Winner Match 3004:30 PM
40Friday, December 3SFWinner Match 31 vs Winner Match 3207:30 PM
41Saturday, December 415/16Loser Match 33 vs Loser Match 3410:30 AM
42Saturday, December 413/14Winner Match 33 vs Winner Match 3401:30 PM
43Saturday, December 411/12Loser Match 35 vs Loser Match 3604:30 PM
44Saturday, December 49/10Winner Match 35 vs Winner Match 3607:30 PM
45Sunday, December 57/8Loser Match 37 vs Loser Match 3810:30 AM
46Sunday, December 55/6Winner Match 37 vs Winner Match 3801:30 PM
47Sunday, December 53/4Loser Match 39 vs Loser Match 4004:30 PM
48Sunday, December 5FINALWinner Match 39 vs Winner Match 4007:30 PM

Host Stadium For FIH Men’s Hockey Junior World Cup 2021

All of the showcase event’s contests will be held in the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.


Live Streaming And Telecast Of FIH Men’s Hockey Junior World Cup 2021 Games

FIH Men’s Hockey Junior World Cup 2021 will live stream on the Watch.Hockey application and

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