Explained How Early Cash Out Sports Betting Works In NHL

Explained How Early Cash Out Sports Betting Works In NHL

In the thrilling world of sports, nothing is 100% sure as things may turn upside down in a matter of minutes or even less, know how early cash out betting works

Just think about how many times a basketball 3-pointer in the last seconds of a game has determined the winner or how baseball games may seem finished until an unexpected rally tilts the scales in the opposite direction. Not to mention high-paced but relatively low-scoring NHL events where a sudden injury of a key player may detrimentally affect a team’s performance.

If you are an avid hockey fan, such sudden circumstances will boost your adrenaline but if you are also a punter, they may cost you quite a lot of money. Imagine you have placed a pre-match bet on the Toronto Maple Leafs but Auston Mattews gets sick the day before the game. It would be great to have some insurance on your side, wouldn’t it? Well, you do have such an option and it is called NHL early cash out.

How Early Cash Out Sports Betting Works In NHL

Online Hockey Sportsbooks and the Cash-Out Feature

With the proviso that betting rules may vary among NHL betting sites, the cashout offer is usually applicable from the very beginning of a certain game up to the last third of the event. It allows hockey bettors to preliminary redeem part or all of their wagers if they think the bet placed will be a losing one. This is a great opportunity to minimize the risk of your betting activity and you probably wonder why bookies let you cash out early since this seems to be to their detriment.

For those sportsbooks that have recently appeared on the online gambling market, the cashout feature is an instrument to attract the attention of betting devotees and thus gain a steady user base. Along with in-play betting and the lucrative bonus offers, the NHL early cash out has become a must-have for online bookmakers who aim at becoming and staying a top choice of hockey punters. Besides, the cashout feature is not really that disadvantageous for online sportsbooks. By enabling you to take some profit early, bookmakers limit their losses in case your prediction is correct.

Basics of NHL Early Cash Out

The good thing about the cash-out feature is that you can use it no matter if you have placed a pre-game or live bet. Keep in mind, however, that it is available on a limited selection of events only so do not rely on it by default. Betting markets that are eligible for an early cashout are either placed in a separate category of the sportsbook or have a special icon to be easily distinguished among all events available for betting.


In case you have wagered on a NHL game but see that the event is not unfolding the way you expected, head to the bet slip as soon as possible. Bets for which the feature is applicable are offered a cash-out value that is clearly displayed. If you find that value satisfactory enough, just press the cashout button, confirm your selection, and the amount will show up in your account balance shortly thereafter.

When discussing the advantages of using early cash out in sports betting, including the NHL, the first thing that comes to mind is that the feature allows punters to lower the volatility of their pastime. Nobody likes downswings, but when coming late in a hockey game, they are very disappointing. Being able to cash out early helps betting devotees to avoid these awful situations to some extent.

Drawbacks of Early Cash Out

Cashing out before a sporting event has ended is definitely a nice option for the aforementioned and other reasons. However, you need to carefully consider whether and when to use this sportsbook’s functionality. The price for ensuring that you are not going to lose is the risk of “leaving winnings on the table”. In other words, every time you close a bet before the final outcome, you miss the chance to win a better amount.


Take into account one more aspect of NHL early cash out – it does not count towards bonus rollovers. Thus, if you decide to cash out an ice hockey bet, you may fail to benefit from the promotional offer you are currently taking part in. There is no clear-cut answer to the question of whether pros or cons of the cash-out feature prevail. Be neither reckless nor too cautious, simply evaluate each betting event individually and trust your own judgment.

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