Daniel Robinson Of Buckeye AZ Missing Update 2022, Reddit Theories And News

Daniel Robinson Of Buckeye AZ Missing Update 2022, Reddit Theories And News

On June 23, 2021, at about nine in the morning, a coworker last saw Daniel, a hydrogeologist, know the latest update in 2022 of the missing Robinson and theories

Still waiting for news is an Arizona geologist who has been missing for more than a year. David Robinson II believes that the attention that his son Daniel’s missing person case deserves has not been given.

Daniel Robinson Of Buckeye AZ Latest Missing Update 2022, Reddit Theories And News

Daniel Robinson – What we know 3 months later about missing geologist from TrueCrimeDiscussion

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The boy’s father, David Robinson II, praised him as a fighter and stated that despite being born without a right hand, it did not prevent him from developing. Daniel, according to many who knew him, would never purposefully damage himself. The records also don’t address Daniel’s history with medicine or mental health.

Official statement from the Buckeye Police Department

The Buckeye Police Department released a statement on June 23, 2022, a year after Daniel went missing. According to the statement, it is a horrible, puzzling, and stressful time for families and our entire community when a loved one disappears. The police added that investigators are still looking for information that could help Daniel return home and bring solace to the Robinson family and the many people who have been impacted by his tragedy.

Father in need claims that Daniel is his new mission

David Robinson travelled to Arizona from his home in South Carolina to continue his search for his child. Daniel was born, the fourth child and youngest. He has an older brother and twin sisters. In addition to using a GoFundMe page to support the search, Daniel’s father has hired a private investigator. I must keep my strength for Daniel, David said.

The parent said, “My son, he’s my mission,” after serving two tours in Afghanistan, the speaker said, adding that “just because I’m retired doesn’t mean I stopped being a soldier. He has become my new goal.

Daniel’s disappearance timeline

Daniel’s co-worker last saw him on June 23, 2021, at about nine in the morning. According to the police report, the employee reported that Daniel was saying things that were illogical, such as asking the co-worker if he wanted to go rest and then asking if he wanted to travel to Phoenix for relaxation. Then, Daniel stayed there for a further ten to fifteen minutes before “he suddenly went.”


His family began to worry when Daniel didn’t arrive home until after seven o’clock. His Phoenix-based sister attempted to search his Tempe apartment without luck. His father then called for the police. The officials said that a remote phone check and a jeep location turned up nothing.

On July 19, a rancher discovered Daniel’s wrecked, passenger-side-down car in a ravine. His father described the SUV’s finding as “very distressing.” David said that it is upsetting him “to this day to even think about what I saw with my eyes and how the vehicle appeared to me.” It was one of the most terrible experiences of his life.

At the end of July 2021, a skull with no identification was discovered south of Daniel’s vehicle. However, the detectives came to the conclusion that it was not Daniel after four days.

Was Daniel in a relationship?

In the days before his kidnapping, Daniel had told his friends and family about a woman he had met. Daniel confessed to his sister that he was in love with this woman.

But the woman had a different story to tell. She informed the police that on June 12 while Daniel was making deliveries for Instacart, they had their first encounter. While carrying the lunch, the woman invited Daniel to hang out with her. She claims that because she was drunk that evening, she shouldn’t have allowed a stranger into her home.


She claims that shortly after, Daniel began texting her constantly. He sent out his final message on June 22, 2021, saying: “The world may get better, but I’ll need to take as much time as I, we, or anyone else can.” You’ll either cross my path again or I won’t.

Calling (623) 349-6411 will connect you with the Buckeye Police Department.

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