Dani Alves wife Joana Sanz demands divorce after his arrest for nightclub sexual assault

Dani Alves wife Joana Sanz demands divorce after his arrest for nightclub sexual assault

The rumours state that Dani Alves wife, Joana Sanz has asked for a divorce after he was arrested for an alleged assault in a nightclub

After the football player was accused of having consensual sex with his accuser, Joana Sanz, 29, withdrew most of their images together from Instagram. After Alves, 39, was jailed in Barcelona, the Spanish model spoke out about the emotional toll it took. Her mother had passed away only days before.

Dani Alves wife model Joana Sanz demands divorce after his arrest for nightclub sexual assault

Spanish TV show El Programme de Ana Rosa on Telecinco states that Joana has informed her lawyers that she wants a divorce after her husband declined to see her in prison while he is being held on remand.

The stunning native of Tenerife, who wed the ex-Barcelona player Alves in 2017, has remained silent in the face of the explosive news. After initially showing her support for the Brazilian international, Joana decided to delete most of her images with Alves, except for a couple tied to advertising efforts.


After a judge in Barcelona ordered Alves to detention, the Mexican team UNAM Pumas released him from his contract. On December 30, a woman, now 23 years old, reported being assaulted by Alves at the city’s ritzy Sutton venue. On January 20, he was arrested.

A judge ordered that Alves be detained, and he has since been incarcerated in a facility outside of the city. Former Barcelona player Alves, who is now playing for Mexican club UNAM Pumas after being arrested, said he had never met his accuser before his detention.

However, the football player reportedly told the magistrate that the couple’s sexual encounter was voluntary. Joana described the football player’s arrest as the loss of the “two pillars in my life.”


She had shared a selfie of the two of them holding hands with the caption “Together” in English just hours before Alves was remanded in detention.

Divorce in Spain can be either uncontested or fought over.

A divorce by mutual consent occurs when both partners file for divorce at the same time. When only one spouse initiates divorce proceedings without the other’s permission, the divorce is contested.


At first, it was said that Alves had been accused of placing his hands down his accuser’s panties while the two were in the nightclub. The woman’s story about being slapped in the face and raped in the bathroom then came to light.

Officials from the court system have stated that they are looking into charges that Alves sexually assaulted a lady, but they have not specified what those allegations are. On Monday, his new attorney filed a bail application, stating that the football player is not a flight risk.

Dani Alves’ release yet to be decided

It was agreed that his client would have his passport revoked, preventing him from leaving Spain, and that he would be required to wear an electronic tag. The decision on whether or not to release him pending the outcome of the continuing criminal investigation is scheduled to be made sometime next month.

Alves’ attorney has applied for bail, which is likely to be opposed by the state prosecutor and the accuser’s attorney. If the football player were to be granted conditional release, the decision would be made by a higher court rather than the one conducting the current investigation.


Investigative magistrates like this one might take months or even years to finish their work, especially if the suspects are out on bail during the investigation. In Spain, those who are the subject of an official inquiry can be detained in prison for up to four years without being brought to trial, despite the fact that the standard maximum is two years.

In Spain, prosecutors are not allowed to present an indictment unless an investigating magistrate determines there is enough evidence for a trial to proceed.

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