BGMI M7 Royal Pass Release Date, Rewards, Price, Outfit, Leaks

BGMI M7 Royal Pass Release Date, Rewards, Price, Outfit, Leaks

New features, awards, companions, and modes will be available in the BGMI M7, know the royal pass release date, rewards, price, outfit and leaks

New 50 RP Outfits and Frames will be included in the next BGMI M7 release.

BGMI M7 Royale Pass Release Date

To everyone’s surprise the BGMI M7 Royal Pass has released a day before it was anticipated and is available for purchase as of January 18, 2022. The game’s Royal Pass is only good for one month, while a season of BGMI lasts two months.

BGMI M7 Tier Rewards, Outfit And Leaks

Tier Rewards
Bronze Tier reward 10 Silver fragments
Silver Tier reward C1S3 Mask
Gold Tier Reward Outfit C1S3 Set
Platinum Tier Reward C1S3 Cover
Diamond Tier Reward C1S3- DBS Shotgun skin
Crown Tier Reward 3 Tier Protection card
Ace Tier Reward C1SE Ace parachute
Ace Master Tier Reward Classic Create coupon scrap
Ace Dominator Tier Reward C1S3 Ace dominator avatar
Conqueror Tier Reward C1S3 Conqueror Avatar Frame

In addition, the upcoming BGMI M7 update will be inspired by Holi, so expect a slew of bright skins, clothing, and accessories. The release date for the BGMI M7 Royal Pass has been disclosed. Following the conclusion of the BGMI M6 Season, the new royal pass (BGMI M7) will be released. Players who have been waiting for new gun skins, outfits, and rewards in BGMI M7 Royal Pass may now see what is coming in the latest update.

New Events In BGMI

The game’s creators, BGMI/PUBG Mobile, have a bevvy of events scheduled for the upcoming season. PUBG Mobile and BGMI are intending to partner with numerous influencers, companies, and games in the future, according to media reports. The Squid Game is a popular game with which BGMI intends to collaborate. Squid Game modes and events will be added in the near future.


Aside from Squid Game, the creators of BGMI are working on a project with Marvel Studios, who recently released the highly anticipated feature Spider-Man: No Way Home. Apart from these events, the developers have a host of other activities in the works for their millions of fans.

M7 Royal Pass BGMI Price

Players will need to spend 360 UC to gain the Elite Royal Pass, and they will need to pay close to 960 UC to get the Elite Royal Pass plus, according to previously reported information.


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