Best MLS Matches And Finals Of All Time Ranked

Best MLS Matches And Finals Of All Time Ranked

The annual soccer championship is awaited by a number of soccer fans in the world. Out of all the matches played, the best MLS finals and matches experience the most viewership

The Major League Soccer also popularly known as the MLS has a special playoff look. It tests the coaches, player’s exhaustion, and squad depth altogether. The winner of the Major League Soccer Cup is usually one of the most disciplined and intelligent teams. MLS finals have always been among the most entertaining ones as these matches tend to feature the strongest soccer teams ever.

Best Of MLS Matches And Finals

1- 2001: San Jose Earthquakes vs. Los Angeles Galaxy

In the 2001 MLS Cup between the teams, San Jose Earthquakes and the L.A. Galaxy was an enormous game won in unexpected overtime. The final match was entertaining, enormous, and promoted some future stars of MLS. Ex-Earthquakes players Landon Donovan and Dwayne De Rosario were both superb in the match.

2- 2004: D.C. United vs. Kansas City Wizards

This match was also a high-scoring game which made it even more thrilling. As for the D.C. fans they got to observe their fourth MLS Cup win which was their last victory. Those firstly alerted the end of their supremacy and the inception of Houston and LA’s accomplishment which was a crossroads in league history.


3- 1998: Chicago Fire vs. D.C. United

This final match deserved to be on the list because the foregoing star power complex is the one played in 1998. Many Major League soccer fans treated them as the most superior ones because this Chicago vs United match was literally fire.

4- 1996: D.C. United vs. LA Galaxy

The initial Major League soccer Cup held in the year 1996 had an amazing performance by all players. The match was high in attribute and was an amazing advertisement for the soccer league. Most goals were scored in the match while talented players were on display as the game was greatly played. This match comes at 4th number in the list of the best MLS finals of all time.

5- 2003: San Jose Earthquakes vs. Chicago Fire

These two teams met in the year 2003 at the final. The team Earthquakes Landon Donovan was active again as just like in the year 2001 when San Jose won the Major League Soccer Cup. This was the last time that the Californians won the title.


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