Ben Simmons Had Sex With Megan Thee Stallion Best Friend Of Kelsey Nicole

Ben Simmons Had Sex With Megan Thee Stallion Best Friend Of Kelsey Nicole

Ben Simmons, Kelsey Nicole, and Megan Thee Stallion, her best friend, are rumoured to have been involved in a love triangle

Are the reports of a love triangle accurate? Let’s find it out.

Ben Simmons Had Sex With Megan Thee Stallion The Best Friend Of Kelsey Nicole

As the NBA’s Kevin Bacon, Ben Simmons is beginning to gain notoriety. This situation is somewhat Six Degrees of Separation-like. Any narrative seems to circle back to Ben Simmons, no matter what it is. Ben Simmons is currently defending himself after being accused of sleeping with Megan Thee Stallion and finding himself in the heart of Tory Lanez’s high-profile assault case.

In Lanez’s trial, where he is charged with shooting Meg in Los Angeles in 2020 after an argument, the defence made their opening statement on Monday. Tory’s lawyer suggested to the jury that Meg’s friend Kelsey Nicole might have fired the rounds when the two started arguing. Meg, according to the defence, had a history of sleeping with guys Kelsey had dated, and they accuse her of doing the same with the NBA player, which they claim led to a heated altercation between the two women.

However, a source with direct knowledge of the incident visited The Shade Room to address the purported errors involving Kelsey Nicole and provided an exclusive statement. According to a source who spoke exclusively to The Shade Room, Kelsey “doesn’t know him at all,” thus any claims that she had any dealings with Simmons are incorrect. Additionally, it was reported that Tory apologised to Megan over the phone while he was in jail.


Simmons has denied the accusations.

Hip-Hop Vibe reports that Simmons has implicitly refuted the charges. However, more details about Megan’s romantic history are becoming public. She supposedly dated Tory, DaBaby, and even Ben Simmons of the Brooklyn Nets as well.

After reports of Megan sleeping with Ben Simmons surfaced, social media lit up. It appears that Ben is now responding to the rumours as a result. He just posted a meme with the caption “Accusations are untrue” on his Instagram stories.

Megan’s dating history

On social media, there had previously been relationship rumours involving Megan and Tory and DaBaby. This is because Megan was with Tory the night of the shooting in LA and was apparently envious of Tory’s desire for Kylie Jenner. Megan and DaBaby have reportedly been involved since 2019.

Additionally, Megan admitted to having relationships with Tory Lanez on the court, while having denied it to Gayle King.



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