Are Hardik Pandya and wife Natasa Stankovic heading for divorce as Reddit theory goes viral

Are Hardik Pandya and wife Natasa Stankovic heading for divorce as Reddit theory goes viral

If you’re using social media platforms like Reddit and X/Twitter, chances are you must have encountered a post claiming the divorce of cricketer Hardik Pandya from his wife Natasa Stankovic

The Reddit post which claims that the 30-year-old has separated from his wife is currently swirling around social media platforms leaving fans anxious whether these claims are real or not. Fret not, as we have got you covered!

Hardik Pandya Got Duped by Step-brother

Since Hardik Pandya’s return to the Mumbai Indians in 2023, his journey has been challenging. Both before and during the now-concluded season, Pandya has faced continuous public scrutiny, struggling personally and professionally.

Reports during the IPL indicated that he and his brother Krunal were defrauded of over Rs 4.3 crore in a polymer business by their step-brother, Vaibhav Pandya.

Despite enduring a tumultuous year, Hardik Pandya’s troubles seem far from over. Recently, a viral Reddit post claimed that Pandya and his wife, Serbian actress Natasa Stankovic, have separated.

Are cricketer Hardik Pandya and wife Natasa Stankovic heading for divorce as Reddit theory goes viral

The couple, who married in May 2020 and welcomed their son Agastya in July of the same year, even renewed their vows in 2023. However, since Pandya’s move to MI and his replacement of Rohit Sharma as skipper, social media harassment towards Natasa and their son has intensified.

Natasha and hardik separated?
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Though there is no official confirmation, the Reddit post highlights signs of a rift: the couple no longer posts about each other on social media, Natasa removed “Pandya” from her Instagram bio and deleted their pictures together, and Hardik did not acknowledge her birthday on March 4th.


What Did the Reddit Post Say?

The post speculates, “This is just a speculation, but neither of them are posting about each other on Instagram Stories anymore. Natasa used to have ‘Natasa Stankovic Pandya’ on her Instagram, but she has now removed his name entirely.”

It continues, “Her birthday was on March 4th, and Hardik didn’t post anything for her on that day. She has also deleted all recent posts of her and Hardik together, except the ones where Agastya is with them.

“She hasn’t been seen in the stands during this IPL season or posted anything about the team. While Krunal and Pankhuri still comment on her posts, something seems off between them.”


Fans Reaction

The speculation has attracted significant attention, with fans eagerly awaiting clarification from Hardik and Natasa. Reactions on Reddit vary, with some expressing no surprise and others alleging infidelity on Hardik’s part.

However, one user cautioned against jumping to conclusions, noting, “But she hasn’t deleted all the pics with him so as of now I think too early to speculate.

“With regards to IPL thing I think Hardik must have asked her not be part of it as she was being trolled anyways just because she is his partner.”

Another also claimed that he had spotted Natasa and Hardik at the Trident hotel in Mumbai with both looking extremely happy together. As of now, the divorce rumors are just speculation with nothing being commented by the couple on the claims.


For the unfamiliar, recently, Natasa faced trolling on Instagram over Hardik’s performance in IPL 2024, with derogatory comments flooding her posts due to Mumbai Indians’ poor start.

Looking ahead, Hardik Pandya has been named vice-captain for India in the T20 World Cup, with their campaign starting against Ireland on June 5th.

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